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Martin McGuinness R.I.P.

“The terrorist is always the one with the smaller bomb.”

– Brendan Behan

Today is not the day for long obituaries or to debate the pros and cons of the peace process, nor is it the time (as the British media have done all day long) to wheel out opponents of the IRA to dance on the memory of the leader of Irish nationalism.

TAL Fanzine has its views on all of the  political twists and turns that have taken place as a result of the eternal peace process. However, on this day, we send our sincere condolences to the family, friends and comrades of Martin McGuinness.

May he rest in peace.

BREAKING NEWS: First Minister & Deputy First Minister’s Statement on the EUros Situation


A Jointly Separate Statement on The French Situation by the First Minister/Deputy First Minister of NornIron/Northo’Iron

We, the undersigned as First Minister/Deputy First Minister of NornIron/Northo’Iron, have had our attentions drawn to a situation that has developed over in that there Franceland during the EUro Championships that are on over there the now, so’s they are.

As your First Minister/Deputy First Minister of NornIron/Northo’Iron, we are firmly of the opinion that this situation must not be allowed to develop into a further situation that might lead to an unnecessary situation that could well end in a tragic situation.

With that situation in mind, we are calling for the fans of NornIron/Northo’Iron and RaRepublicayIron to remain calm and not to respond to this situation no matter the Proviecation and circumstance of said situation. We call on the people of NornIron/Northo’Iron and RaRepublicayIron to stay focused on the peace process situation and not to allow the hooligan situation to deflect from a situation that might upset the balance of our commitment to the precarious situation in NornIron/Northo’Iron.

We were heartened to see the situation where the peoples of these islands were able to bring about a peaceful situation, indeed, a united situation, where they sang in a situation of harmonious drunkenness those great songs of peace and brotherhood – ‘Ten German Situations’ and ‘God Save Our Situation’ – in a manner that is fitting in such a situation as that of the serious situation in Frenchland right the now, so’s it is. We commend the fans of NornIron/Northo’Iron and indeed RaRepublicayIron for the tremendous restraint that they have demonstrated in this situation.

Now away over there and behave yersels and please do not create a situation where Marty might have tae intervene in this situation.

No Surrender/Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

Vote Out/Vote In

Arlene & Marty