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The TAL Fanzine – ‘Tiocfaidh Ar La – For Celtic & Ireland’ – was founded in late 1991 and the first issue of the fanzine was sold at the New Year 1992 match when Celtic played rangers. The magazine soon established itself as the authentic voice of the republican-minded Celtic supporters who gathered in Glasgow every other Saturday to watch The Bhoys play.  The fanzine has also appeared online in various forms in recent years.

When TAL was founded the term ‘Tiocfaidh Ar La’ (Our Day Will Come) seemed to sum up our hopes for our football club which was going through one of the most barren and trophyless periods of its history. The Irish phrase is one coined by republicans and expresses their desire for freedom and their struggle to establish a united 32 County democratic socialist republic in Ireland.

‘Our Day Will Come’ encapsulated everything that we felt about our club and the aspirations we felt for the country and the people that gave birth to it – Ireland. It was our forefathers – those Irish immigrants that fled famine and hunger to set up home in the hostile environments of the West of Scotland in the late 19th Century – who founded The Celtic Football Club.

And so it was: ‘Tiocfaidh Ar La – For Celtic & Ireland’

This website will provide news, information and points of view about Celtic – ‘the team we all adore!’ – and the political issues that our supporters are most interested in – Irish republicanism, anti-racism & anti-fascism, fighting against ‘sectarianism’ (anti-Irish racism) and other  political issues and politically progressive movements. 

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