Aleppo: The truth that the western media refuses to report

andrewashdowncofeAndrew Ashdown is a Church of England priest studying Christian-Muslim relations in Syria. In the last few days he has visited East Aleppo. This is the report of his visit to the area yesterday (14th December) that he published on his facebook page. Photos by Andrew Ashdown


This morning we visited the main IDP Registration centre at Jibrin, for Internally Displaced Persons from East Aleppo. They are registered here for humanitarian reasons and access to services, before they go either to relatives in other parts of Syria if they have them (many do), or to other reception centres where they are provided with accommodation, food and other services. During the past two weeks they have registered 95,000 refugees, but estimate there may be a further 10,000 who have not registered. There were thousands of people there who have arrived within the last couple of days. Let me make clear that we visited in a taxi without Government or Army accompaniment, and without prior notice. We were not expected.

idp10The Centre is well organised. The Syrian Red Crescent have tents available that offer information about all social welfare facilities available, and offer free medical attention. In cases of emergency, ambulances are on hand to transport patients to hospital. Free food is being distributed by the Syrian Red Crescent and the Syrian Army, and we saw a convoy of Russian lorries providing aid. There is also a Russian field hospital on site which offers immediate medical treatment.

The sense of relief amongst the thousands of refugees is palpable.idp16 All were keen to talk, and we interviewed several who had arrived only yesterday and today. They all said the same thing. They said that they had been living in fear. They reported that the fighters have been telling everyone that the Syrian Army would kill anyone who fled to the West, but had killed many themselves who tried to leave – men, women and children. One woman broke down in tears as she told how one of her sons was killed by the rebels a few days ago, and another kidnapped. They also killed anyone who showed signs of supporting the Government. The refugees said that the ‘rebels’ told them that only those who support them are “true Muslims”, and that everyone else are ‘infidels’ and deserve to die.

idp3They told us they had been given very little food: that any aid that reached the area was mostly refused to them or sold at exorbitant prices. Likewise, most had been given no medical treatment. (A doctor who has been working with the refugees for weeks told me last night that in an area recently liberated, a warehouse filled with brand new internationally branded medicines had been discovered.) Most of the refugees said they had had members of their families killed by the rebels and consistently spoke of widespread murder, torture, rape and kidnap by the rebels. They said if anyone left their homes, their properties and belongings were confiscated and stolen.

idp23One old man in a wheelchair who was being given free treatment in the Russian Field Hospital said he had been given no treatment for three years despite asking. He said: “Thank God we are free. We now have food. We can now live our lives. God bless the Syrian Army.” They all said they were glad to be out and to be free. All the refugees without exception were visibly without exception clearly profoundly relieved and happy to be free. One woman said: “This is heaven compared to what we have been living.” We asked if the Syrian Army had ill-treated anyone. They said never. One woman said: “They helped us to escape and they provide us with food and assistance.”


I therefore have two key questions:

1. It is now only the Syrian Red Crescent, the Syrian Army, and the Russians who are providing humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands who have fled East Aleppo. Why are none of the international agencies offering to help them now?

2.  Why is it, given that stories about massacres by the Syrian Army are headline news worldwide, and several international media units are in Aleppo, that there is not one international media agency actually at the Registration Centre talking to the refugees themselves? We were the only ones there. Here are people who have lived through it who are keen to talk, yet the media take at face value unverifiable claims by highly dubious sources. The collapse of any form of reliable investigative journalism in a context of global significance is utterly shocking.

CNN’s favourite ‘independent film maker’ American Jihadist and Al Qaeda member Bilal Abdul Kareem, interviewing Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini, leader of Jaish al Fatah: Saudi educated and funded, child suicide bomber trainer, judge and executioner of apostates, Chief Head-Chopper and mass murderer.

Today the agreement for 4000 fighters to leave Aleppo is reported to have collapsed after the fighters had refused to fulfil the agreement. (I don’t know the details, but think about it… There is no reason on earth why the Syrian Government would want this agreement, which would involve the complete liberation of the city, to fail!) It is reported that the fighters refused to leave or let the civilians do so.

The refusal of the western media to report objectively, or to seekidp2 informed information from the thousands of civilians from East Aleppo who are keen to share their stories, whilst granting full credibility to terrorists without any on the ground verifiable information on their claims, is nothing short of obscene.

Everything that I have seen and heard in Aleppo; from civilians in East and West from all communities, and from talking with doctors, faith communities and with Army people as well, and witnessing and risking bombardments on both sides, convinces me that the reports in the western media are twisted fabrications of the horrors that are happening in ‘rebel’ controlled areas. And still, the media refuses to listen to the witness of the people themselves.


Postscript: Christmas is coming in Syria. In a country and a city in which people of all faiths are free to worship; where mosques and Churches stand side by side; and where Christmas music is playing in cafes and restaurants. And yet the world is mourning the defeat in Aleppo of extremists who destroy Christian and Muslim places of worship, and slaughter any who do not follow their obscene ideology.


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  1. Thank you for your perspective. I have been hearing the same thing from other sources. I no longer trust what US spokesmen tell me. That is a sad state of affairs.

      1. Hurray! The republicans are on the way! Bloody love that Trump guy, I don’t care what 95% of the entire population of the rest of the world think, he’s not a self deluded narcissist at all. He’s going to stick it to the establishment, finally a voice for the little guy. It’s a little strange that he appoints the CEO of Exon Mobil as the new Secretary of State but I’m sure there must be a harmless reason for this. He did of course appoint someone who denies climate change to the office of Secretary of Energy, this same nice man, he must be nice because he’s a Christian, (and they’re all nice) this same man also likens homosexuality to alcoholism and vetoed the banning of executions for people with learning difficulties. I didn’t quite see Trump’s reasoning there but maybe I’m just not as smart as he is, he’s very smart. Yep, the Republicans are here, you’re in safe hands now.

      2. It is a republican media that has been equally responsible for sharing lies. This is a nonpartisan problem.

      3. You are delusional if the you think Republicans are going to make things “better”. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. They are the problem, not the solution, both of them. You will get lie after lie spouted as fact under a Donald Trump administration just as you would under a Hillary Clinton administration. There is no difference.

    1. Question everything, all news sources for we don’t know who is telling the truth. I think the truth in all media got lost a long time ago. I have no doubt the ‘rebels’ were extremists with a capital E and the population they had power over were at the hands of butchers and well organised and financed militias. I also know Assad is a mass murderer of his own people and will not accept any opposition to his rule. The picture painted here about the Syrian Army and the Russians is one of saints and I cannot accept that as gospel. Of course it’s no use watching or listening to Western media, it’s all owned by syndicates and reports written in hotel rooms thousands of miles from the conflict with a view of the sea churning out the usual propaganda. So I read what have read and hope it’s true, but life under Assad is not like that and his jails are full of people who have done nothing but object to his iron rule. So my advice is question every report no matter what the source and make up your own mind.

      1. Please look at for the truth. What you see here is the truth. The media is lying to the world in order to justify US intervention. The Syrian Army and Assad are not the enemy.

      2. Can you explain in what way ‘ defensive air attack ‘ in the face of a multi national invasion of a soverign nation is ‘ mass murder ‘ please ? How does what Russia and Syria have done in Aleppo differ much from what the UK and US did in Germany during WW2 and then to French civilians in order to pursue their military goals ?

        1. ‘ defensive air attack ‘ , “multi national invasion”! “Germany during WW2”! This is the dictator Assad using a superpower to win civil war against his people which he started by attacking peaceful civil rights protesters!
          The west’s involvement has been pathetically limited which is why Putin and Assad are getting away with murder. There has been NO western support for ISIS. They have tried to help legitimate opposition (in the face of Assad’s brutality and use of chemical weapons against them) with arms, but they have mostly abandoned them. The only action of coalition in Syria has been to bomb ISIS targets. Russia has mostly targeted the moderates, who have been fighting ISIS as well as Assad.
          Your comparisons are ludicrous. By you logic you would probably justify the UK bombing Free Derry in 1970.

          1. lets leave aside the probabilty that ISIS is a partly American creatied phenomenon in the first place . (a) This is NOT REPEAT NOT A CIVIL WAR ! The few moderate political opponents who took up arms in 2011 had laid down their arms by November of that year and sided with the govt if not with the actaul Ba’ath Party . (b) The ‘ rebels ‘( 40 % or more of whom are foreign mercenaries from over 80 different countries ) are supplied with endless shipments of American Arms that come over the Atlantic , touching down in Dublin on the way and have been for five and half years . Also the beardy Jihadi monkeys recieve their training from CIA operatives in training camps in Jordan . Can you explain then your claim that ‘ the wests involvement has been pathetically limited ‘ ? (c) Until Russia entered militarily the coalitions attempts to fend off Isis were laughbale . Only Russia entering in Nov 2015 saw the prevention of the fall of Damascus to Isis . (d) Why are people like you so keen to see a progressiove secular state overrun by scuzzy Sunni Islamists who would drive Christianity from one of it’s homelands , slaughter or start a pogrom against the historically put upon Alawite community and harry or also eliminate the Druze . Maybe you just really really dig monoculturalism ? Beats me

          2. You are a fool to think this war was began over “civil rights” protestors. It began when Turkey wanted to build an oil and gas pipeline to Europe through Syria but Syria declined to let the deal go through. If this was about the “brutality” of Assad, where was the mass migration of all those oppressed people out of Syria BEFORE the war? There was none, genius. Just as there was none in Libya when the US invaded and killed Gaddafi on trumped up “human rights violations”. And this coming from a nation who has tortured people, held them indefinitely without charges, and engaged in extrajudicial murders of even its own citizens – THE USA. You are an ignorant gullible fool of US liars known as politicians. You want to know what started this whole mess? Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. And his biggest weapon is known as the United States of America.

          3. James Maguire, please do yourself a favour – if you truly are interested in humanity, do a bit more research. Have an open mind. Question. And look at it with an open mind. Best of all, I you really want to know – go and visit Syria and talk to the people yourself. You’ll be surprised! I have lived in Syria for 5 years, both, when Hafez Al-Assad was the president and after, when Bashar Al-Assad took over. Naturally I have met and still know a few people there, some Shia, Sunnies, Druze, Kurds and Christians.

      3. on the jail issue well yes youre almost certainly correct but closer to the truth is that people are simply bored out of their minds in Syrian Jails rather than tortued that often …. any Post Assad resolution anyway will still require a govt that is prepared to be pretty hard when needs be on extreme islamists ( as Assad’s govt was / is ) . Don’t kid yourself for one second that the govts of Turkey and Egypt are or were ever any better . Western Media built up the ‘ horror’ of Syrian Jails for public consumption to justify a geo strategic proxy war . .

        1. “the beardy Jihadi monkeys recieve their training from CIA operatives in training camps in Jordan ”
          Where did you read that?

          1. Google ‘ Three CIA Operatives Training Rebels Killed in Jordan ‘ or two photos of US Military personnel training Jihadis are on the net too

  2. A huge thank you both to Andrew for giving us the other side of the tragedy in Aleppo and to Talfanzine for publishing it.

    I’ve had seriously doubts about the reporting on Syria from the very start.

    We have been down this same road of “regime change” in the Middle East many times. All of them have ended disastrously and almost without exception, our governments and media have admitted their “mistakes” after the damage is done.

    Meanwhile, entire countries are destroyed, radical Wahhabist Islam expands and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost. Millions who survive flee the chaos, destruction and complete anarchy our “humanitarian interventions” invariably leave in their wake end up in refugee camps.

    For all the criticism of Assad’s government (and I don’t doubt much of it was true) there are far worse regimes among the Arab states with records of human rights abuses which make Assad look like a relative saint by comparison. Yet they remain unmolested and ironically called our “friends” and “allies”.

    Apologies for the rant. I felt the need to vent my anger, frustration and heartbreak at the crimes our governments are committing in our name… aided and abetted by a compliant media which no longer seeks to tell us the truth, but serves only as a megaphone for criminal government foreign policy.

      1. If chemical weapons were used at all, it wasn’t Assad who used them. It was Obama’s proxy army, ISIS. The propaganda is deep, beating the drums of war. Obama wants an excuse to go to war. ISIS is his boogeyman to manipulate the American people into US intervention.

        1. You must stop believing conspiracy theory sites! The US have a lot to answer for but they are not supporting ISIS!And actually Obama was determined to avoid war at all costs (which made him seem weak, and Putin took advantage). A UN investigation recently proved that Assad used chemical weapons against his people on at least 3 occasions. ISIS were also found to have used them.

          1. Oh The leader of ISIS was in a US jail for years and many of their top officers were trained by US personal in various countries. The US bombed Syrian army positions in a be seiged town so IS could take over it. A position that the Syrian army held for over 2 years surrounded by savages.. Even the bombing run was changed on the fly by the commanding officer. There was no mistake..

      2. whats the big deal over barrel bombs – they are actually pretty minor almost home made compared with US manufactured bombs the Jihadis have . You rather be hit by a barrel bomb than Grad missile believe me

        1. Haddy, how thoughtful of you to enlighten us with your expertise about barrel bombs(from the safety of your home in the west). I’m sure Syrians will sleep soundly in their bed tonight, reassured with the knowledge they are no “big deal”.

      3. The US kills 3 of its citizens every single day.. Sometimes more.. When given the chance they prefer to burn them alive like in waco texas.. Or drop nukes on defenseless cities.. So trying to compare Assad to the saintly US wont work.. A nation that has killed like 100 million people worldwide and it still killing like in a video game, destroying entire nations and driving tens of millions as stateless to to live as refugees.. I highly doubt Assad no matter how much he tries can even hold a candle to the exceptional nation.

        1. bundy, your problem is you haven’t read my posts or my links and so you mistake me for an American apologist, in the way you are an apologist for CURRENT war criminals, Putin and Assad. I know that the west has created the mess in the middle east but, Russia and the Syrian regime have recently murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Syria (FAR more than ISIS-see my links) and despite your lying propaganda The US DOESN’T support ISIS or, knowingly, train JIHADI’s

          1. ALL the rebels are JIHADIS NO Exceptions . The US is simply using them . If they had ever got near winning they would have had fuck all say in any Post Assad Syrian constitution . They would have been sidelined or killed like the US backed rebels in Afghnasitan were in the 1980’s .

      4. You don’t really still believe that nonsense do you? Check out a couple of interviews with the man and then tell us what you think. And I mean interviews with HIM not someone else telling you what he said. Enjoy your enlightenment.

  3. Which rebels? They are not all the same- some like ISIL are as you describe, but others were actually trying to defend the people against Assad’s and Russian slaughter of the Syrian people. There are hundreds of different groups and here you group them all under one category of ‘rebels’. They only started fighting after Assad started firing on peaceful protesters as far as I understand.

    1. Thank you. I am appalled at this breathless “I’m here on the ground, and here is the full truth the media is hiding from you!”

      I don’t know what media he means, but here’s what I’ve learned from the media over the past 4 years.
      1) Assad is a cruel dictator and currently, for their own interests, Iran and Russia have backed him. He has used barrel bombs and chemical weapons against his own people resulting in international investigations of war crimes. Russia’s bombing campaigns have shown little restraint.

      2) The opposition contains a variety of elements. Some are just as cruel as Assad, and just as unconcerned about who gets killed in the middle of their fight. They have been backed by the US.

      The UN has been rebuffed in its attempts to send outside monitors to Aleppo. By the Syrian government and Russia. That does not speak well of the Russian or Syrian government, even if many of the people in Eastern Aleppo now see them as their greatest hope.

      We cannot afford not to see the complexity of the war in Syria. There is no purity on either side.

      1. Dear Mr. Mannis, here is my opinion on your words:

        1. Let’s take it for granted that he is a brutal dictator. Prior to 2011 events Assad was well-seen by the Western politicians and no one spoke about his brutality.

        Concerning the chemical weapons, it is not proved who used them. There are allegiations that the “rebels” used them in Aleppo.

        “Russia’s bombing campaigns have shown little restraint”- not quite different from bombing Iraq, Afghanistan. Recently there were cases with Mosul and al-Raqqa. Which does not mean I justify the Russians, but if someone else can do it, why don’t they do the same?

        2. The majority of the “oposition activists” are radical islamists (or jihadis, if you prefer). This is so because there is no way for the peaceful protesters to get the power. There is someone else who is tronger and well-prepared. hence, now we do not have any peaceful protesters there.

        Furthermore, one of the biggest organisations of rebels in Aleppo has been An-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda). They want to clean Syria from all “infidels”. Another organisation, al-zenki, executed a 12-years old boy and disseminated the video on the internet! Third organisation is called “islamic front”. And so on, and so on. The so-called Free Syrian Army prove to be the only non-jihadist one; but they have been compromised many times by their soldiers joining Al-Qaeda and IS.

        The efforts of Russia to prevent the violence in Aleppo were opposed by USA, UK and France with their rejection to open humanitarian corridors for Aleppo citizens. Assad opened the corridors 2 times- in September and November- and the people trying to cross were killed by the “rebels”. UN said nothing about it.

        What is the funniest thing is the fact that even now no one cares about the people in Assad-controlled territories. It is as if they were not human beings, or maybe they are half-human beings. Taken all other things aside, this single fact is shocking. There is no relief for them, there is no information, but there are… sanctions against them.

        This article may be fake, may be propagation for Assad, I dont know. But I dont see any materials from Aleppo, with the exception of materials about 15 000 people leaving the city. So 2 mln people are ignored only to show interviews with representatives of these 15 000! It is not fair!

        1. yes is’nt is strange before 2011 there were lots of press articles along the lines of ” My view of Syria’s young president – a decent man doing the best job he can under difficult circumstances ” which all in all is probably taking everything into account a much better description than ‘ brutal dictator ‘ one can’t help but feel !

      2. Would the UN have stooped the execution of a few hundred captives held by the so called rebels before they used the safe passage provided to escape? Including the torture of children.. If nto I fail to see what good the UN would be. Since it does not provide humanitarian aid to the 100,000 people who escaped from the city last month or the million who escaped in the last few years.

    2. I’m afraid history will be unlikeley to bear your views out . Maybe some rebels pretended to be moderate for the media but in truth the few moderate rebels there were in the first place put down their arms back in Nov 2011 and sided with the Assad government if not with the actaul Ba’ath party itself . And of course Saudi Arabia brought in 360,000 paid mercenaries from over 80 countries ( with US / Nato approval ) to fight their and America’s sick and illegal proxy war for them . The world must now fight to see the disugsting criminals in the Obama adminstration behind this so called ‘ civil war ‘ brought to justice and incacarated or even executred for their crimes .

      1. “Saudi Arabia brought in 360,000 paid mercenaries from over 80 countries ( with US / Nato approval )”
        Evidence please?

        1. So ? : I and many others believe ( no lets make that actually know ) that the Westerm Mainstream Media reportage on Syria is all total bullshit . That why we trust the Russian perspective . Nothing odd about that and I’m still waiting for you to name me a ‘ Moderate Rebel Group ‘ existing between 2012 and now ! Why won’t you name me one ? And I’m also waiting for you to define your term ‘ Umayyad Unbeliever ‘ ? I’ll come back you you with a long list of other questions I’ve asked you that you have’nt even attempted to answer later ….

          1. “So?” hahaha great argument Haddy!

            Moderate rebels? Yes the ones that Assad has just agreed to a ceasefire with? The ones who, it has been agreed, are NOT Jihadi terrorists. It was agreed that ISIS and AlQaeda/Al Nusra have been excluded.

            The ceasefire is with legitimate opposition, agreed by Russia and Turkey.

            So I have been right all along, and you have been wrong. The FSA are still there, and a force to be reckoned with, along with numerous smaller factions who also seek a secular democratic Syria.

    3. and as a postscript Luzita : the Syrian people do not percieve Assad and Russias bombardments as ‘ slaughter ‘ but as neccessary defensive war to drievb out sick Jihadi fascists who use rape and sexual violence as a weapon against them . Far more civilians are being killed as we speak in Mosul than were killed in the liberation of Aleppo – but there it is apparently acceptable to the Western media narrative as ‘ collateral damge ‘ !

      1. Being killed by ISIS-yes but Despite the predictions from Russian state media, the forces trying to capture Mosul from ISIS seem to be taking the presence of civilians into account, and are not bombing indiscriminately like Putin and Assad’s murderers in Aleppo.

        1. Right er OK . The ‘Moderate Rebel ‘ appendage ‘ has been resuscitated for these 7 groups that Danny Makri says are essentially without exception hardline Jihadists – simply for international public consumption . They have been basically forced to the table by the collapse of the terrorists and kiddie fuckers in Aleppo , and the fact that Turkey is doing a Volte Face on the situation that gets more volte and more face with each day . .Erdogan hates the fact the US support the KDP , knows that Turkey will not get a slice of a ‘ partitioned ‘ Syria as that will now never happen and that continuing to allow unlimited arms and Jihadi flows across the Turkish border might even end up with an all out Assad victory the terms of which might even mean Turkey having to lose the Alexandran Sanjatte …..

          1. Haha Haddy! Again you’re desperately trying to worm you way out of the hole you dug for yourself!
            So the Asssad regime has now struck a deal with “without exception hardline Jihadists “?
            What a turnaround!lol (for you and the regime!)

        2. Alexandran ‘ Sanjatte ‘ or ‘ Sanjak ‘ of Alexandretta is the part of Ottoman Syria bordering Turkey that was ceded to Turkey as a bribe by the French to keep them out of WW2 . Syria have never given up claim on it . It’s currently called Hatay Province.

        3. The ‘ Assad regime ‘ ( through Russia and Turkey) have ‘ struck a deal ‘ for a nominal ceasefire with a load of thugs who will not get much of a look in as negotiations proceed. I predict the ‘ ceasefire ‘ will not last long . I’d like to be proven wrong but there will be few concessions offered toward turning Syria into an Islamist country which is what those guys want ……again I could be wrong but lets see who the first rebel group to leave the table is

        4. plenty of reports are coming out about abuse of young girls in East Aleppo – why should anyone be surprised . Quite a lot of rural young Syrian men joined rebel groups pureley because of sexual threats against the women in their families anyway … at least according to several interviews Robert Fisk has conducted.
          He’s certainly turned away from fence sitting to taking the alternative media view. The Independent online is now nearly on the side of the truth . ….

          1. Haddy, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with with child sexual abuse.We know that ISIS have been associated with it, but to try to stigmatize all of Assad’s opposition with it is sick nonsense used to demonize them. We can both agree that it is a disgusting crime (Assad’s forces have also been accused) but let’s argue about this conflict on the real issues.

        5. again and again and again James people like you refuse to outline or delineate / explicate the new way the term ‘ War Crimes ‘ is being used in the mainstream media during this war .
          Saudi Arabia and the US have been flooding Syrias rebels with small to medium arms for nearly 6 years . Syria is a sovereign nation and has the right under International Law to ask foreign intercedents to intervene on it’s behalf to resist the fascist invasion of bearded Sunni fundamentalists ( whether Syrian nationals or foreigners) . Why is this a ‘ War Crime ‘ ? please explain ? We can now see from the alternative media reports that many Hospitals in East Aleppo were being used as storage facilities by rebels and most Schools were closed down .. yet Owen Jones in The Guardian tells us ( quote ) that there was a ‘ Democratically elected City Council and a thriving civic life there ; now all gone ‘ ! Yet the photos of East Aleppo’s City Council before the end of the siege shows a bunch of six angry looking Sunni Muslims of various nationalities in combat fatigues . And freed women are speaking of being confined to their homes in daytime . Civic life I guess ! UP THE REBELS JIMMY !

          1. Deliberately bombing and murdering children, or any civilians is a war crime.
            “sovereign nation and has the right under International Law to ask foreign intercedents to intervene” -With that you also justify the Saudi involvement in the atrocities in Yemen, and even american atrocities in Viet Nam!
            You state your pro-Assad, pro Russia lies (from sources like FIRIL and David Icke!) as if we must accept them!
            The schools had to be closed down because of the air strikes, or AFTER being bombed killing children in them! (also in Idlib). Hospitals were bombed with patients and doctors in them!
            East Aleppo was being relentlessly carpet bombed for months. We knew there were rebels there among the 275,000 civilians Are you really surprised there were ” six angry looking Sunni Muslims.. in combat fatigues” photoed? (how do you know they were “various nationalities”?
            And are you really surprised these rebels had weapons!!!!

            Have you seen the desert your heroes created in East Aleppo?! Have you forgotten?!
            CIVIC LIFE?! WTF! we’re not talking about Manchester here!

        6. Louis Proyect in the article you give a link to repeats the outright lie that ‘ peaceful protestors in the street in 2011 were gunned down in the street ‘ . At tha first protest in Da’ara March 20111 as Israeli media reported seven members of the Syrian Police and Security forces were gunned down by snipers amidst the protestors. Five members of the public were then shot as the security forces opened fire in the confusion . This is documented fact yet the BBC last August gave a Syrian Medical refugee in England 15 minutes of air time to repeat over and over again that the first six months of protests in Syria were unmarked by insurgency and armed provocations.

          1. You repeat your outright lie (Israeli media!lol). There are many different reports from all over Syria about peaceful protestors being fired on without provocation- some from Syrianarmy deserters (see an earlier post of mine)

          2. “Documented fact” my arse! The Syrian refugee only told the truth. The fact that it doesn’t fit you narrative is your problem.

        7. simply reporting some of the reports coming out Jimmy …..dont forget the mass rape and sexual abuse of Bosnian Muslim women by Serbian paramilitaries during the war in the former Yugoslavia .That was a ‘ real ‘ issue .

    4. “As far as you know” your comment above shows you know very little about what is going on. Assad with the assistance of Russian forces have been trying to liberate Aleppo for months from so called rebel groups. Yes there are many but they all come under the same guidance & support. ISIS, Al Qaeda , Al Nusra. Note that recently captured military advisors to these groups came from the following countries. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA. The 3 country’s determined to oust Assad so they can grab Syria’s resources and put a pipeline from Saudi all the way to the Black Sea. Stop believing every word of the mainstream News – they’re only telling you what they’ve been told to say.

    5. I asked myself the same question as I read that report. Isn’t it a lot more complicated with at least 3 sides in this civil war?

      1. Hey Kris : yes you’re right a lot of the rebels are sensitive humanitarians who read TS Eliot and Rilke and enjoy debating about western philosophy before they head out with their Hell Cannons and anti tank missiles

  4. Yes. And I heard the Syrian army were giving everyone relaxing massages, baths in scented asses milk and free holiday tokens entitling all refugees from former rebel areas an all expenses paid two week holiday at Butlins in Minehead. I’m sure it must be true because I heard the Syrian propaganda minister say so on Radio Moscow!

    1. Hi Adrian : why dont you go and post your comment on a website like 5pillars or something . This is website for human beings and people with conscience

    2. You are probably not satisfied that the Christians in Aleppo are now free to celebrate Christmas. Not good for you. The only point of the author is that Christians are defended by Assad. If you can reject it, then do it.

  5. One fails to understand the western medias stance on this atrocity, that is Aleppo. Is it because the bogeyman of western government i.e. Russia have been doing good in helping the people against the extremists.

  6. The world isn’t mourning the defeat of these monsters, just the SICK group of globalist and their lackeys in our goverment.

  7. The International Red Cross is assisting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent with funding and technical support so it is incorrect to say that there is no international assistance.

  8. That’s the least thing the Syrian Regime and the Russians have to give to the people they were previously bombing to hell !
    And no, none of the rebel groups have the abbilities to fly those massive Airstrikes and bombings of Aleppo !
    And yes, I’m 100% convinced the Rebels are no saints and were doing horrifying things to the People of Aleppo as well !
    At the end all involved parties were doing horrible things to the People of Aleppo, but finger pointing always on others !
    And yes, the west did not do anything to stop it, the UN has completely failed, but not only because Russia and China were blocking every effort…

    1. It is a moral dilemma. To kill (not inentionally) 1000 people in order to save 50 000, or not to do it? Given the circumstances, this was inevitable. The rebels were shelling civilians chaotically everyday, and many more people would have died. Furthermore, Aleppo city is itself surrounded by IS and Al-Qaeda (rebels). Had Assad stopped all bombings, this would have meant death of hundreds of thousands. I cannot imagine what would have happened to 100 000 Christians in Aleppo given what IS are doing to them!!!

      By the way, the rebels have GRAD missiles, so you can check what they exactly do.

  9. 👆
    Your a/m press report is quite dubious!!. The priest has met many Aleppo citizens who recently fled to the western zone (under goverment control). They spoke nice things about the Syrian army (who + the Russians bombarded them with tens of thousands of explosive barrels, not to mention thousands of missiles) and completely destructed their city & caused death & injuries to tens of thousands! Wow what a nice testimony regarding the murderers by their victims!!!!
    This is analyzed in Psycho-socio therapy, not by real journalism. Yes “many many” transgressions can be related to the rebels, but nothing in comparison to the regime & its allies. Those who fled to the west zone did the correct thing; otherwise they will be eventually massacred in Idlib!! Sometimes the victim needs to flee & surrender to his torturer!! What a sad testimony!
    But did your priest interview samples of thousands of people who fled to territories under rebels’ control!!?
    Or Millions all over the world!

      1. Idlib is Rebel held. Do you really need links to read that people from Aleppo have been bused there?

    1. There are A LOT of interviews with them- you can see everywhere. What the author is doing is to show that there is another standpoint- not shown by BBC, TRT, CNN.

      But I would aks you to bring some proofs in favor of your thesis. How many have been killed by Assad and the Russians? It was claimed that every week at least 1000 people die. So now Aleppo should have had 100-150 000 inhabitants less than in October 2015? Maybe I am not good in Maths.

      1. you’re correct No way have 1000 died per week in Aleppo… ludicrous numbers ! the death toll is for sure much much less than in Mosul right now whereas of Thursday two weeks ago over 900 civilians had already been killed within the same five week tiem frame …..but then prior to the Aleppo bombardemnt only ( I say only ) at best estimate 65,000 civilians had been killed in the entire five and a half year Syrian war … the vast majority of dead being combatants on either side. The numbers have gone haywire last year was overall 250,000 dead in Dec 2015 apparently – then Erdogan said there were 400,000 dead in Jan 2016 and now pepole are saying 500,000. Its mostly wild guesswork and exaggeration .

    2. the rebels have raped and murdered thosands of Yazidi women and young girls , sent child suicide bombers to their deaths , beheaded 12 year olds ,destroyed Aleppo’s largest hospital in 2012 – and now we find have used chemical weapons with frequency , the Westren Media have picked on a few cool looking young ones who look like Davy Jones of The Monkees to represent what are 99.9 % obscene human scum

      1. You are pathetically confused. ISIS, who committed these outrages were NEVER in Aleppo. Russia and Assad have been preferring to ignore ISIS and attack more moderate rebels (many of whom are also fighting ISIS). Assad uses chemical weapons on his people and, along with Russia, bombs hospitals in Aleppo and elsewhere, deliberately murdering civilians.

        1. 1. ISIS are in the province of Aleppo, somewhere 25 km away from the city.
          2. Russians fights ISIS in Palmyra.
          3. Assad fights ISIS in Deir Ezor. There was an attack by the US fighter jets on… his army at the moment (end of September) when ISIS were retreating!
          4. Some “rebels” may be fight against ISIS. At any ate, the groups we see (we saw) in Aleppo did not do it. Very good example: al-Raqqah. First FSY (moderate rebels) took control over it, then they left and… ISIS entered. Currently US are conducting airstrikes on Raqqah.

          Yes, we know that Russians attack hospitals. Interestingly enough is to see the videos with injured children and… not even one injured armed man! One can have the impression that only pregnant women and children fight against Assad. This is what they want you to think.

          In conclusin, Assad is killing his own people, and his own people… flee from the “democratic opposition” to be ruled… again by him.

          Any logic?

          1. The war is evolving. Russia and Assad do strike SOME ISIS targets, particularly now since the moderates have been almost annihilated by them. US /western coalition have been bombing ISIS for a long time. Russia (hypocritically) complained about US stopping bombing of ISIS in Palmyra recently.
            US admitted bombing Syrian army in December(mistaking them for ISIS) Russia bombed a UN aid convoy a few days later, and denied it as they always do (with their post truth philosophy).
            ” not even one injured armed man”- What are you watching?! I suggest you actually watch the videos ON Western media instead of the “alternative media” reports on them!
            Assad’s people are fleeing from being bombed by Assad. Some of them flee to Assad (and exclaim how wonderful he is) and some flee to the rebels.
            Logic? … I won’t even try

          1. I have scoured the web and It has been overrun by Putin-funded pseudo “alternative” media lies.
            There were numerous moderate rebel groups, many of them ex Syrian army who defected after Assad’s brutality towards peaceful protestors. These moderates had very limited support (equipment and training) from the west and had to fight against ISIS (when they entered) as well as the regime. Deviously Russia bombed them rather than ISIS. As a result The moderates have been decimated, allowing Assad and Putin to propagate the lie that this is a war between them and ISIS and the west.


          3. Haddy, re: your “masturbating” comment. What a strange post!
            And not so long ago you were offering me “hugs and kisses. I’ve upset you haven’t I ?

        2. There was a time when ISIS drove away the so called rebels before they were driven back.

          You make a lot of claims without any proof and ask others for proof of their claims. You are not worth answering or paying attention to because you are not here to discuss anything but a hasbra troll.

          1. “Hasbra” lol. I deal in facts, not conspiracy theories, like you. And I HAVE provided proof in many of my posts, particularly if you take the trouble to open and read my links. -But obviously you don’t because you have a closed mind.

    3. most refugees in Jordan / Lebanon / Germany /Turkey have said the reason they left ( as much of fear of being killed) – is to escape sexual violence at the hands of the rebels .

      1. Saudi Arabia offered $50,000 to any Syrian army members who would defect to the rebel cause by very few took up the offer …. more lies from this sick cunt Maguire

  10. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.(A. Hitler). Same old technics from “western civilization”.

  11. I agree about the reporting, truly. However, the choice to utterly destroy a city is shocking. Now they are cleaning up, do we applaud? Western motivations are more suspect now than after Watergate, but if the Syrian government doesn’t respond to the basic needs of those survivors how could it hope to continue ruling? Are you sure no other organization has supported the red crescent. How thorough is your research?

    1. thay have’nt totally destroyed a city – several large areas on the East are basically done for but much can be patched up – ( The ‘ EAST ‘ is really only one fifth of the city by scale anyway ) were not looking at at Japan in WW2

  12. The evil globalist destroyers have jumped in with the cry of “false news, false news”! to discredit any truth, crying out why these things are the fabrications of alt-right basement dwellers.

  13. This article saddens me greatly. TAL has clearly been conned into publishing blatant Assad propaganda. This is exactly the line they take in West Aleppo. There the pro-regime people, sitting with Assad’s troops, have been within sight and earshot of the atrocities committed in the East, but are so consumed by hatred of the opposition that they deny any atrocities there. Apparently they didn’t notice it being carpet bombed and flattened. Sadly, many Christians are part of this, having been convinced that, no matter how bad Assad is, they are safer with him than the rebels.
    This “Thank God we are free” narrative is blatant propaganda- it was probably written before the refugees arrived! And “God bless the Syrian Army.”, and ” We asked if the Syrian Army had ill-treated anyone. They said never” FGSK! I’m gonna be sick!
    But the claim -“It is now only the Syrian Red Crescent, the Syrian Army, and the Russians who are providing humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands who have fled East Aleppo. Why are none of the international agencies offering to help them now? ” BECAUSE (despite frantic requests!)RUSSIA AND SYRIA HAVE REFUSED TO LET THEM IN! And that’s probably because they want to hide the truth. Sad they should link this Assad apologism with the hoops. (and I support the Palestinians btw).
    Please take the time to read this, and consider the questions raised in it:

    1. this article you leave a link to is shit – at the De’era uprising in March 2011 the Israeli Media ( hardly biased ) reported that 7 members of the police and security sevices were shot dead by snipers . In the fracas that followed 5 civilians in the crowd were killed by understandably nervous policemen . This report (both in newsprint and on TV reportts ) is stil online for people to read . This makes a nonsense of the claims of people like you that this was a ‘ peaceful uprising ‘for six months . It was an armed insurrection leveraged by external actors and dont kid yourself of anything else for one second ….

      1. That: “your link is shit” is some argument! You should have a look at your own posts which are full of lies and misinformation. You are an apologist Assad and Putin who have been DELIBERATELY murdering innocent civilians, including thousands of children by carpet bombing homes,streets, market places, schools and hospitals, in order to keep the dictator in power. They have have backed this up with a huge, lying propaganda campaign using Putin-funded pseudo “alternative” media sites and social media trolls.
        Try this link (with evidence sourced from respected human rights organisations):

        1. no Assad’s army and Russia have not really killed that many people for a war of this type . It is being said the liberation of Mosul has already killed more than 5,000 civilains in a month … whereas he liberation of Aleppo may have only killed about 600 or so max in the same time … you can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs jamesypoo babey …. Alluah Ahkabr to you

          1. Only 600! What an apologist you are! About 450,000 Civilians have been killed in Syria- 50,000 of them Children. About 90% of them by Assad’s forces, 3.3% by Russia, 3% by ISIS and Al Nusra ( Yes Russia have killed more civilians in Syria than ISIS!) an 2.3% by other rebels.

            “you can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs”????!!!!! you say!

          1. Amnesty international? (oh you won’t like them because Putin closed their office in Moscow), Medicine Sans Frontier, UN Commission of Inquiry on the war in Syria, SCPR, Violations Documentation Centre have all condemned Assad. ARE THEY ALL WRONG?!!

          2. I said about 600 in THE LIBERATION OF ALEPPO DICKHEAD READ MORE SLOWLY IF YOU CAN . The better estimate is 310 – 335 ,000 dead . 400,000 plus was a wild claim by Erdogan that was doing the rounds . Of those 150,000 dead are Syrian Arab Army .Then around 125,000 rebels , and around 65,000 civilian. Jimmy do your fucking homework before letting shit off at me again please . All you peopel ever fucking have left to rant about is ‘ children ‘ as if this is a war about ‘ children’ You support the fucking war – you apologize to those dead kids families you fucking asswipe .

          3. All these organizations rely on “activists” on ground; they themselves do not have representatives. By the way, MSF send only money, they do not have staff in Syria. The truth- and very terrible truth- is that there were not independent activists in Aleppo.


        3. Well we all know of your white helmet “helpers” who killed innocent children and make false allegations.

          You sit behind a desk and ignore all the signs that your government is in the wrong and basically killing hundreds of thousand people by supporting and funding terrorism.

          On top of supporting terrorists that use chemical bombs, use people as shields (same in mosul) and and chop their heads off. You seem blissfully arrogant of the fact that people now in Aleppo are celebrating in their thousands…. Of course how would you know since the western media ignores it.

    2. More trolling and pointing out links to more lies without any solid evidence. Just because you can provide a link means nothing. The only thing I needed to see was when Russia provided 7 corridors for civilians to leave and when they tried they were killed, in one case 45 and in another 30 civilians were killed.. And no bombs were dropped on them and many reporters were standing close to the area to see it all. And now we see 100,000 of those very same civilians fleeing into the arms of the supposedly bombers when they could.. I dont need to read any hasbra articles to know what happened and what is happening about the entire syrian narrative. This single narrative that I watched in real time shows you are so full of it and enough to discard anything and everything else you say.

  14. Russia have repeatedly asked the UN to provide humanitarian assistance but it’s not been forthcoming . But then as the UN are basically an extension of Americas bi partisan war machine thast hardly surprising ….

  15. THAT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER FANTASY! Blatant lies that I assume come from RT -ie. the Kremlin. The UN are desperate to get to these areas but are either not allowed access by Russia or Assad, or the areas are not yet safe for aid workers because of the fighting and bombing. Remember the Russians bombed an aid convoy in September (during a cease fire) killing 20 aid workers!

      1. Yes awful, but at least the yanks owned up to that as a “mistake”. Russia continue to deny and lie. DELIBERATELY KILLING AID WORKERS!

          1. I mean the UN humanitarian aid convoy which traveled (with Russia’s permission) to Aleppo in September. They bombed it killing 20 innocent UN aid workers. Keep up!

          2. Ah the terrorists day job.. Put on a white helmet and they become angels.. Terrorists by night when they blow up families to make it look like a Russian bombing. Then they clean it up.. What a nice cushy job.. for a bunch of criminals.

        1. Why the Russians only bomb hospital, schools and orphanages, it is why the SAA was able to wipe the floor with your terrorists after less than 2 months.. While the worlds greatest coalition is not even able to take a 1/4 of another city..

          Maybe your terrorists are good at cutting off the heads of 12 year old kids, they are just pathetic when facing armed soldiers in the field though who can shoot back.. Not the same as throwing postal workers off the roof is it.. Then they run off in the end.. cowards..

          1. “My terrorists”?-You are a typical purveyor of the “post truth” technique of the Kremlin- make up your own “narrative” to suit your agenda.
            In case you didn’t notice, East Aleppo was taken by the forces of the Syrian Regime, assisted by the superpower Russia, and Iran, using air power and constant indiscriminate bombardment with napalm, phosphorous, cluster and barrel bombs and bunker buster bombs. This against a rag taggle bunch of lightly armed rebels with no air power OR air defence. To save time, they made no attempt to avoid killing civilians. They “created a desert and called it peace”.
            Unlike in Mosul where the coalition (world’s greatest? Iraq, Kurds?) are held back by humanitarian concerns. Also, unlike the cowards in Aleppo, they won’t allow the Shia-Militia’s in to slaughter the civilians afterwards.

    1. oh and yeah most of those NGO’s you mentioned are in cahoots with Nato yes … Amnesty USA says whatever the US State dept basically wants it to and Medicines Sans Frontieres have embedded themselves in rebel areas almost exculsivley

    2. Russia proposed humanitarian corridors several times:

      (Deutsche Welle)

      (pro-rebel source- you cannot reject it)

      So there were proposals for humanitarian corridors. Do you agree? Of course, you can say that the “rebels” themselves did not want to use them. But they were proposed and REPORTS (favorite word recently) say that some people were killed while trying to flee from the “rebels”.

    3. The UN said militants were preventing aid deliveries.. So your hasbra trolling wont work there either.. And the Russians did not bomb the aid convoy.. They could just have stooped it on the ground as it passed through both Russian and Syrian check points and was destroyed in militant areas. Since a US drone was in the area, any Russian bombing would have been seen by it and published to back up their claims. more bull.. and you sure spread it thick..

      1. “was in the area” but not necessarily monitoring the Russian and Syrian jets -the only bombers “in the area”. Russia always deny -It’s their “post truth” tactic again.
        Do you also believe they didn’t blow Malaysian flight MH17 out of the sky killing 298 innocents?


  16. er James ALL of Syrias 2.6 Million Christians have ALWAYS SUPPORTED ASSAD . For a start the Alawite brach of Shia Islam is a strange hybrid of of Islam and Christianity. Alawites celebrate all Christian Saints days including Xmas , They regard the Koran as a ‘ spiritual ‘ text – rejecting its literal truth, following the reinterpretaive teachings of a follower of Mohamed’s son in law . As a corollorary they also choose not to study the Koran regarding it as more akin to poetry . They also regard the Pilgrimage to Mecca as idolatrous. T E Lawrence described the Alawites (or Nasrayhi ) as ‘ Christians ‘ by temperament, and as ‘ people likeley to be better disposed to Christians than to their fellow Muslims ‘ . It was because of their outlook and historic perscution as a minority in the region that they were chosen by the French Colonials as leaders .Most of Syria’s Sunni Muslim population are actually proud of the fact that Syria was the place where Christianity spread forth from ! OK so maybe 100, 000 ( max) hardline Sunni’s with Muslim Brotherhood sympathies in pre war Syria resented the simple fact that thet were not ruled by ther own kind but hey look at politics in the UK today ! It is argued again and again I and I would reiterate it – only a secular autocratic state with a quite ‘ strong leader ‘ cult could possibly have maintained peace in a country with Syrias toally one off Ethno / Religous / Cultural blend . Even more so when one takes it’s rather odd regional neighbours into account . Any post Assad political settlement will have to reinstate something very similar to what was there before ….or risk AN ACTUAL CIVIL WAR following on from this US led proxy geo strategic one . Are you enjoying being educated about a country you know very little about James . I do hope you are . Hugs and kisses anyway

    1. I don’t doubt that Christians were terrified of change and would put up with dictator Assad because it was “better the devil you know”. Sad that they were prepared to ignore and even support his brutality against innocent civil rights protestors. I don’t need education about Syria or religion from someone who supports mass murder of children.

      1. over 100, 000 civilians were killed in Iraq in the first year of the 2003 war there . Prior the liberation of Aleppo ‘only’ 65, 000 Syrian civilains had been killed in all five and a half years of this war . . All the rest being combatants .I wonder how many of the 5,0o killed in Mosul so far this winter are kids ? When the US and Saudi Arabia launched this war aginst Syria they knew children would die .That’s the same war you seem to love so much . So please to ou and other gung ho pro war Jihadi loving Imperialist twats – spare me the crocodile tears Jimmy boy . xxx

        1. You’re still going on about Mosul, thinking we are to stupid to know that it’s the occupiers(ISIS) who are killing civilians there!Only in Aleppo are the “liberators” deliberately killing them. I campaigned against the Iraq war so I’m not defending what happened there (as you are in Aleppo)
          “When the US and Saudi Arabia launched this war aginst Syria”?! Oh you are getting pretty desperate with the pro-regime lies aren’t you?!

          1. Total Rubbish : it’s the bombardment from Iraqi Kurds , Iranian Shiite Militias and Hezbollah AS WELL AS Isis resisting using what stockpiles they have left that are causing the civilian deaths in Mosul and you know that full well , so stop assing around with me . It’s just that it’s not called Mass Murder in Iraq ! ( oh and they are all approved and backed with US weaponry the same as your favourite Jihadi Monkeys in Syria are Jimmy ! ) oh and ‘Desperate ‘ what the fuck do you mean . The CIA were covertly shipping in weapons to the militias from Gadaffi’s Libyan stockpile a few days after the intial 2011 ‘uprisings ‘ .Couldnt have been done any other way – Congress wouldnt have approved mass armimg of rebels at that stage ! Their Ambassador ( and several other US personnel ) In Benghazi were killed whilst in the process of air shipping heavy weaponry tonnage into Syria .. remember ? His family and the other familes are suing the US govt over waging illegal regime change war and causing thisr loved one’ s deaths . Anyway you rather sad individual – you love your Obama regime and I love mine -so fuck it

      2. Why dont you show us a picture of a rebel held area in Syria celebrating xmas.. And what happened to 2 of our bishops that were kidnapped by your saviors.. You dont make much sense other than ranting and repeating what ever excuses the MSMs thinks people would believe over their own common sence and personal experience.

        1. Few of my links are MSM. What a silly point about celebrating Xmas! The rebels are under bombardment!
          Your stupid jibes are also wasted. I despise ISIS and Al Qaeda as much as I do Assad and Putin

    2. The Alawites are no angels. The Sunnis are an oppressed people in Syria. I hope you agree all Sunnis are not terrorists.
      So we have a privileged elite – Alawites, Shi-ites and Christians who wish to preserve their positions of privilege, even if it means supporting continuing injustice and civil rights abuses.
      Parallels with loyalists in the 6 counties in the 1960’s?

      1. I would estimate that ooh 98 % of Sunnis never felt they were oppressed in Syria in any way at all . Thats the feeling I got from my two visits to this loveley historic country that has been fucked and raped by the sick human filth you love so much Jimbo . 60 % of Assads goverment are Sunnis FFS SAKE !!!! 70 % of the SAA are SUNNIS !!!! WHO THE SWEET FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU FUCKING WELL ARE YOU SAD STINKING LITTLE CUNT

      2. FUCKING HELL ; For Christs sake look – Sunni’s in Syria ( excepting maybe 100,000 pre war with strong Muslim Brotherhood affiliations ) are part of the moderate peace loving Sunni groupings who include Egypt and Turkey ( apart from Erdogan himself .) They are not massivley religious anyway and National Pride is more important to them than their ‘ sect ‘ ! I keep having to explain this to people who think one Arab country is much like another .Most of Syrias Sunnis respect and are proud of it’s built ( now sadly partially destroyed ) early Christian and Crusader Heritage .The guys you support like destroying all that kind of stuff pronto ! NO WAY THE USA PLAN TO TURN SYRIA INTO A SAUDI LIKE STATE WITH SUNNI MAJORITY RULE UNDER SHARIA LAW COULD EVER HAVE WORKED ! WHAT PRAT THOUGHT IT COULD ? People like myself who have visited Syria more than once and love it get a very very different view of it from the garbage put about by used condoms like you .

        1. OH NO THEY’RE NOT! As I suspected you’re a blowhard and you don’t know as much as you think you do! All Alawites are Shi-ites, but not all Shi-ites are Alawites! – even in Syria. You don’t know about the Twelvers and the Ismailis?! Tut tut

          1. well as I’ve read over a dozen books about Syria , and have visted the country twice unlike you you thick Irish cunt of course I’ve heard of both sects – but their presence in Syria itslef is so small and marginal it’s barley worth mentioning ! . There are proably more Ismailis in British Columbia than there are in Syria . It’s basically a Pakistani / Afghan / Northern Indian phenomenon with a very very small leak over into the Levant .

        1. I think I’ve given you enough rope……Haddy. Now you call me a “thick Irish cunt ”
          Have you forgotten what Blog you are on?

    3. Who are you to dictate to Syrians, or any Arab nation, what kind of government they should have?!
      Are you saying they are not fit to have a democracy and proper civil rights? Should they not be allowed to have such aspirations? Was the enthusiasm for the “Arab Spring” an illusion? Did it have to be crushed?
      You’re arrogance is breathtaking! You are like the 19th century colonialists who believed that Africans were not civilised enough to run their on countries properly.
      Your patronising attitude towards the Syrian Sunnis is even racist.
      You sound like an old school western imperialist.

      1. yes the Arab Spring was basically a delusion . The West failed to see that in truth Arabs DONT WANT WESTERN STYLE DEMOCRACY . The Syrian model under Assad with Gay and Women’s right enshrined in Law and protection of rights of individuals religious observance is about the best you can hope for there . You must feel very sad seeing those Christians in Aleppo putting up a big Xmas Tree Jimmy rather than putting the mutilated corpses of Alawites on poles for display .

        1. You certainly continue to make my case for me.The arrogance of a western imperialist indeed. You TELL the Arabs what they want Haddy!
          UP THE REBELS!

          1. Hey youre the one supporting this Western Imperalist War mate . Stop trying to turn things upside down now !!! Even if your piss brained Jihadis won they’d be tossed aside or imprisoned and killed by the USA like they were in Afghnisatn before them …..

  17. Oh Jimmy you sooo badly need edcuating about sooo much . The ‘ brutality ‘ was overstated by the western media … it’s remarkably hard to find many Syrian victims of torture speaking out ….. a few . It’s usually this one same guy – a Canadian / Syrian who was subject to extreme rendition at Americas request … lol btw as per your kick off statement read Prof Tim Anderson article ” Why the Syrian people support Bashar al Assad ” and learn yourself a little more still . Hey at this rate you might actually end up not being a total fanatical thicko – who knows ? more kisses

    1. Read the links I posted earlier and they PROVE the opposite. Your post is Assad apologist nonsense.

        1. What a brilliant counter argument! You really meticulously answered their points one by one!(sarcasm) How can I compete with such an intellect!
          UP THE REBELS!

  18. Thank Father Ashdown for finding and getting out the truth of the west’s vicious war on Syria using mercenary-jihadist scum.
    Thanks to haddock also for being so tolerant of the lying piece of shit James Maguire trolling the comments with canned western-media propaganda that is the opposite of the truth and flies in the face of easily verifiable facts. The US, Saudi, UK, Israeli and Gulf puppet states’ governments are nothing but mass-murdering war-criminal monsters.

    Deceiving the people continually, the BBC, ITV, CNN, Fox etc are complicit, every last one of their staff are by internationally accepted standards also war criminals.

    The only just ending for this is for John Major government (for their part in the Iraqi sanctions), Tony Blair, both Clinton’s, Bush Jr, Bush Senior, Barack Obama, Netanyahu and his Likud Party, the entire Saudi ruling family and all who served them, their cabinets and administrations, military chiefs, and their spawn, their whole germ-line to be eradicated, to be hung till they are dead and left to rot.

    I’m an atheist myself but may the god you hope exist be with you and the people of Syria, the wider middle-east excepting the Zionist fitth at the root of every major war and financial crime, and the people of Russia, President Putin, governments of Iran, thank you, you have refreshed my faith in humanity.
    Should the United States of America just disappear off the face of the earth, the whole world would breath a sigh of relief, there, in that country in their government you have humanity so debased that they are outside humanity, you have the ultimate rogue state, which along with London and Tel Aviv are simply a blight on human existence, on life itself.

    1. “Zionist fitth at the root of every major war and financial crime”

      You make a fool of yourself with that comment. Mind you, your whole post does that. I highlight though, it to highlight your ignorance and bigotry.

      “the people of Russia, President Putin, governments of Iran, thank you, you have refreshed my faith in humanity.” lol!
      Russia, a country ruled by Putin’s corrupt and evil gangster kleptocrat elite, supported by a sycophantic media (as they murder or jail dissenters) who seize territory, bomb children, schools, hospitals and aid convoys, and shoot passenger planes out of the sky with impunity, then DENY it and blame it all on a western conspiracy. On top of that they dope their athletes, are engaged in cyber crime, and even falsify facts about WW2!

      Where is the evidence of the conspiracy theories in your entertaining post?

  19. I realise that this is an emotive subject, but please try to keep the exchanges reasonably civil and do not resort to name-calling or I will be forced to end the debate. On the points about why this website published the article. I came across Andrew Ashdown’s account of his visit to East Aleppo on facebook and I made the decision to publish it based on my own doubts about the narrative of the mainstream media with regard to the war in Syria. Father Ashdown is no stooge of any ‘regime’ and has sought only to put forward what he saw with his own eyes. I think he is to be commended rather than condemned for it.

    I have grown increasingly frustrated with the one-sided propaganda that masquerades as ‘news’ in the west. That is why I published and will continue to publish those articles that I believe add to the understanding of what is really going on behind the headlines.

    I would also refer you to an excellent article on media bias on the war by Daniel Margrain, which has already been linked to by Daniel himself, but which I think is worth reminding people to read.

    S. Talman

    1. You can make your excuses for father Father Ashdown if you like but he has produced an article of disgusting pro-Assad whitewash. I stand by my original reply to it, which I have no need to repeat here. I would like to say though that I assume Father Ashdown was one of those sitting in the (RELATIVE) safety of West Aleppo, silent, while his fellow citizens in the East were being bombed in an attempt to annihilate them. If he had paid his “visit” just a few days or weeks earlier, the story would have been different, as there’s a fair chance a barrel bomb would have landed on his head.

      But now I see it’s you, Mr Talman who has the axe to grind. It is you who has disgraced TAL and the Celtic family by desecrating this site with this despicable, blatant one-side Assad Regime and Russian apologist propaganda. It is YOU who is trying to put our honourable movement on the side of war criminals and child murderers and AGAINST ALL WORLDS RESPECTABLE HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS!

      You think you can get us onside by dressing this up as “frustrated with the one-sided propaganda that masquerades as ‘news’ in the west” – DOES THAT MEAN WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THE ONE-SIDED PROPAGANDA FROM THE OTHER SIDE?
      I have just read the article from Margrain that you refer to as “excellent”. At this stage,I am having great difficulty containing my rage at this abomination.
      It starts with an attack on “The Sun” and Rupert Murdoch- so far so good- we don’t want to be associated with that rag, or the vile jingoism expressed in the article featured.
      But then it goes on to tar the whole of Western media with the same brush, with a rehash of the propaganda, half truths, twisted analysis, crackpot claims, laughable assumptions and blatant lies, as featured on Kremlin mouthpiece RT( the irony about the one-sided news is missed) and it’s pseudo alternative media puppets, and other conspiracy theorists like David Ike!
      The west starting the war, regime change, promoting ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Israel conspiring and financing together, and, of course Assad and EVEN RUSSIA portrayed as VICTIMS! And he even has an, untimely, denial of little 7 year old Bana Olabed, accused of being a scam (but now identified and fetted by Turkey ) and promotion of the despicable Eva Bartlett and her Assad stooges “delegation of U.S citizens” who have since been completely debunked and trashed.

      BBC get it big time(and imagine, RT doesn”t get a mention!), even the Guardian ( No doubt he prefers the odious, pretentious “Off Guardian” so admired by Putin sycophants) and channel 4 and Jon Snow
      -“an apologist for Salafist beheaders”
      -that’s what your unbiased? unprejudiced? objective? writer? of this “excellent”? article, Margrain calls him.

      Now there are so many dreadful lies” masquerading” as truth I want to expose here, too many for space and time tonight, but I will mention one.
      I saw Jon Snow’s interview with Fares Shehabi, the West Aleppo MP and someone who was part of Assad’s brutality on peaceful protesters which started the civil war. Snow had spoken to Shehabi many times in previous weeks and allowed him to give the West Aleppo side of the story (despite the anti-western media lies to the contrary) almost unchallenged. This time, a fresh wave of regime bombs had just left fresh civilian bodies, and Snow did his job, just as I’ve seen him do many times questioning western politicians in Iraq, Libya etc. But Shehabi didn’t like it, screaming and repeating his usual “there’s no bombing ” lies and deflection
      Daniel Margrain’s description of this interview is a disgraceful travesty- a study in lies, bias and deceit. I saw it Daniel, and you are an apologist, a propagandist and a liar.
      As I said, there’s much more I could say but I don’t have time or space tonight. However, these cover some of it -IF YOU DARE TO READ:

      Talman you talk about closing the debate. It’s a pity you started it. Your support of a murderous dictator and his gangster, keptocrat allies embarrasses the Celtic family. We want no part of “post (ie make up your own) truth” .

    2. Admin- Why is my comment on this, trying to redress the balance on your one-sided comment, defending your one-sided article, still “awaiting moderation”, while someone calling me a “thick Irish cunt,” among other things, is posting freely?

    3. In view of recent history it is correct that we should be cynical of western politicians and media. However, every issue needs to be considered on its own merits.There is a danger of being anti-west, for the sake of it, or just as a knee-jerk reaction, or because it makes you feel trendy and different and somehow clever, or maybe just because you’re angry. Unfortunately, that plays into the hands of those who wish to take advantage of such “frustrations”.
      The world is changing all around you and its not as certain as it once was that the west is the biggest source of evil in it. But you may not have noticed this because your head is so far up your arse.
      I suspect Essex boy Daniel’s world is set in the self worshiping, self congratulatory, pseudo -alternative social media, exchanging conspiracy theories with fellow travelers and believing propaganda sheets like Rt ……and worse….

      “When I discovered last week that David Icke was simultaneously a high-profile propagandist for Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal-like war on his own countrymen and an author who writes that a group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids are conspiring to destroy the planet Earth, my first reaction was stunned disbelief. When I discovered a couple of days ago that a cult with notions just as bizarre as Icke’s was also carrying Assad’s water, it dawned on me that there was a pattern. If you understand the war in Syria as a conspiracy by the West to remove a popular and progressive leader, you would be inclined to see the world in conspiratorial terms generally and be capable of asserting that alien abductions are real……”

      1. Oh Dear he’s comparing people who dont buy mainstream accounts of the War in Syria with people who attend David Icke’s talks and read his books and believe them wholesale . Don’t worry Jimmy boy the war in Syria is all but over but there’ll be more for war loving Imperialist pro Jihadi gun loving fuckwits like you just around the corner . Happy 2017 !

      2. oh and though I don’t agree with Daieil Margrain on every issue ( I have argued with him that he has tended to over simplify British Empire history , Immigration per se and see the entertainment world through too much of a Marxist haze ( not to mention over romanticizing Jeremy Corbyn ) – he’s still one of Britains best bloggers / researchers into important topics and one of just two bloggers I actually subscribe to . He’s stay at home Dad with time on his hands and knows how to write compelllingly in way that makes me jealous.

    4. “Talman”, are you aware that Daniel Margrain is known as anti-semitic, because of his ramblings on social media, and even as a holocaust denier? (He certainly denies the extent of it)

    5. “Despite the documentation of war crimes and human rights atrocities, pro-Russian, state funded media outlet Russia Today denies responsibility for the attacks. Pro-Russian citizens of the west who indulge in Russian and Syrian government propaganda are given free rein on the network to exonerate these countries from moral condemnation or blame (Wahl, 3/21/14; Bartlett, 12/17/16). Numerous Americans I’ve spoken with on “the left” accept this propaganda, and are willing to accept any claim from countries opposing U.S. military power, no matter how outlandish. No evidence, no matter how thoroughly documented, is strong enough for them to take seriously if it threatens to harm the image of Putin and the Assadists.”

      Another superb piece of work by Louis Proyect, particularly when meticulously demolishing the favourite “non mainstream media” lie that America is behind the uprising and funds ISIS, and explaining their limited support of even the moderate rebels:

      1. Bollocks ….. and the article recieves an endorsement below the line from some dickwad who supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt . Look where that got them to ?

  20. Only 65000 civilians killed?!! What if that happened in the UK or US? You would not be saying ‘only’! Also human rights observers have confirmed that 95% of the deaths were from the airstrikes, mostly by Assad, and Russia, so I really think it is amazing how any person can think bombing his own people and destroying his whole country’s civilization is ‘liberating’ his people! They have lost all their homes and possessions and many of their family members. The historical places have been severely damaged or are gone. Their culture and community have taken a huge blow. And I would be very surprised if many of the groups in Syria were not trying to defend their families against extremists and against Assad at the same time! They cannot all be labelled ‘terrorists’ or ‘rebels’.

    This was one of the most tolerant and welcoming societies where Muslims, Christians, Jews and all types of cults and sects of these lived side by side and were proud to say ‘we are all Syrian’. The only problem was that the Shia were favoured above the Sunnis to some extent. They protested peacefully for their rights to equal treatment. Assad fired on them, and some people fought back. Now the country is in a big mess due to outside forces using their money and weapons and propaganda to sectarianise the country so that they can split it up along the lines of the Neo Con plan for the region- divide and conquer and take the resources, and make lots of money from selling weapons too. Various empire builders and businesses eg, Genie are seemingly hoping to benefit from gas and oil and land, including Israel, Iran, Russia and the USA. Unfortunately many people have fallen into this sectarian trap, but many Syrians also refuse to be divided and power to them I say.

    May wisdom prevail, the Syrian people get justice and human rights, and the extremists, tyrants, bombers, and empire builders all fail to get what they want, and get prosecuted in the international court for war crimes.

    1. “Also human rights observers have confirmed that 95% of the deaths were from the airstrikes, mostly by Assad, and Russia”.

      Dear Luzita, the report you are citing (Syrian Network for Human Rights) is dubious for one reason. The organization in question has representatives in… the “rebel-held” areas. It is logical to think that the victims found in these territories would be… people killed by the opponent’s army. SNHR do not have any “activists” on the Assad-controlled territories. This is a serious fault.

      What is also quite logical is to ask yourself: OK, these people are being killed constantly by Assad and Russian airstrikes. Why dont they want to run away from Aleppo with the green buses? Why do they go to Assad instead? By now we have a claim by the Turkish government that 37 000 people in general have left Aleppo. (given this is Turkish ministry, we should put the numbers in doubt)

      Before the mass histeria of 13 December, we were informed than more than 100 000 are waiting to be evacuated!!! What happened with the other 63 000? They were attacked by airstrikes all the time and… they decided to go to Assad? I could not explain it. Could you?

      What I am pointing to is the hypothesis that these airstrikes were not constant nor were they chaotic. if you read more about WW2, you will see what is it airstrikes to destroy a whole city in a few days- Dresden in February 1945:

      “The bombing of Dresden was a British/American aerial bombing attack on the city of Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, that took place during the Second World War in the European Theatre. In four raids between 13 and 15 February 1945, 722 heavy bombers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and 527 of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city.[1] The bombing and the resulting firestorm destroyed over 1,600 acres (6.5 km2) of the city centre.[2] An estimated 22,700[3] to 25,000[4] people were killed. Three more USAAF air raids followed, two occurring on 2 March aimed at the city’s railroad marshaling yard and one small raid on 17 April aimed at industrial areas” (Wikipedia)

      13 months is too long for indiscriminate bombings. Assad would have finished with the “rebels” for 3 days- as in the case with Dresden. I don’t know how this fact fits with the hypothesis that Assad and the Russians bombed constantly, and they intentionally targeted civilians. Of course, there were civilians killed- Assad media says they are about 5 000 (for 4 years!). On the other side it is claimed that they are dozens of thousands.

      Here I even do not refer to the bombing of Japan in August 1945- an act which shows that if you want to kill as many civilians as you want, you should bomb them in a very short period. In such a way you provoke terror in them.

      In my opinion, the civilians wanted to escape from the “rebels” but they were threatened and in some cases killed. They were needed as hostages. For that reason Assad offered humanitarian corridors 2 times recently- September and November, but without success. “rebels” said they do not agree, and the only corridors allowed by them lead to other “rebels” in the province of Aleppo. Thus, if you are against the “rebels”, you are not allowed to flee from them. This is not fair, it is not ethical, and finally, it does not have anything to do with democracy.

      I have one more argument- all the “final messages” of 13 December appeared to be “not final”. The “twitters” survived, and I saw them whole and alive, very good-looking. I don’t know how is it possible bombs to fall around your house “constantly”, and you and your relatives survive even without an injury. Bana, the girl, looked pretty well, and she reached Turkey without any difficulty on the way. She even… did not freeze, although media “reported” that “all civilian sleep on the streets” in a very cold winter.

  21. cant be bothered to read all this crap .. I said ‘only 65,000 ‘ ( NOT 650,000 !!! ) in inverted commas for a reason lady ! I was mereley pointing out that for a war of this type that’s sweet fuck all !!!

        LE HAVRE
        ST LO
        432,000 HOUSES DESTROYED

  22. Thank you father for an unbiased report, its quite refreshing to finally hear a credible story from someone WHO actually talks to the victims in Syria unlike all the western media reports.

    Its very worrying that many humanitarian organisations like red cross are taking appeal money for Syria and doing nothing!

          1. And now I understand why many Syrians still actually support Assad- because they are part of the 10% Christian Alawites like him who were the ruling elite and they are defending their own priviledged positions, fearing what will happen to them if Assad goes, no matter what the cost in human lives, displacement, injury, destruction of history and culture.

            I am sure there are also some Christians are there fighting alongside Muslim too to defend innocent civilians, and who do not support Assad.

  23. “And now I understand why many Syrians still actually support Assad- because they are part of the 10% Christian Alawites like him who were the ruling elite”

    Dear Luzita, the support for Assad is much stronger than 10 %. But even if we take it as a true fact- “privileges” do not mean “terror”. Everywhere in the West you see people with privileges. I am privileged because I am not, let say , a Gypsy (a serious problem in my country). But I am not terrorizing Gypsyes, although I have privileges over them.

    There are no Syrian Christians fighting against Assad. No one could enter the “rebel” groups unless he is converted to Islam. The only Christians which possibly could fight together with the “rebels” may be people from Ukraine or Georgia- people who hate Russia- but I have serious doubt that they could do it.

    As you are searching for the truth on the subject, I would suggest another solution at which you- if you want- can have some look. You are going into the wrong direction. The war in Syria is not sectarian war, it is not between Shia and Sunni. In Aleppo almost everyone is Sunni, but in their majority they prefer Assad. It is a war between secularism and religious fanaticism. This is war for the future constitution of Syria: to be a secular state, or to be sharia-ruled state. You can see that rebels everywhere apply the principles of sharia law- you can see the women with burka evacuating from east Aleppo. This is not hijab but burka- the whole body of the woman is covered. This speaks a lot.

    Now, many people in the world are Muslims and some of them want sharia. This is the reason for them supporting the “rebels” in Syria- likewise the “rebels” in Nigeria (Boko Haram), in Egypt, in Lybia, in Afghanistan, in Irak. Now, if the “rebels” take the power in Syria, the country will be deprived of any secularism- there will be sharia law, Christians, Jews and other religions will be deprived of any rights (we are “infidels”). Syria will become Afghanistan of the talibans. This is what you will not see on CNN; the activitists will not tell you.

    Nikolay, Bulgaria

    1. I think you have a good point. Many people are afraid of extremists gaining power which is why most moderate rebels are actually fighting against ISIL. Also if there was new government of Syria it would have to consult the population of Syria about exactly how they want to be ruled. In Islam this is called Shura.

      In Tunisia, where there are many secularists, each small group that people voted for was given a voice in the parliament, and all chose a true Islamic constitution with minor adaptations because it actually guarrantees freedom of religion for those within the state, and their rights to life, property, honour, etc .

      Go and read the Tunisian constitution, and the rights of non Muslims in a truly Islamic state and you will realise these bear no resemblance to the thuggery of ISIL.

      The majority of Syrians are not extreme and so I believe they would choose what is best for Syria if given the chance of true democracy.

  24. thanks for this Nikolay : but lets not forget there were 250,000 Christians in Aleppo prior to the war > Majority have fled fearing rape from the bearded Jidhdi scum

  25. Luzita : there are no Chrstians fighting alongside sunni muslim rebels !!! You are totally naive and ill informed . ALL the ‘ rebels ‘ anyway are actually mercenaries paid a weekly wage by Saudi Arabia to fight . Some are just young men in it becasue they see it as exciting !

    1. That reuters report states:
      “Syrian rebels receiving U.S. military training to battle ISLAMIC STATE militants are being paid $250 to $400 per month, depending on their skills, performance and leadership position, the PENTAGON said on Monday.”
      Are you trying to mislead us Haddy?

      1. yeah basically being paid ‘ to battle IS Militants ‘ – that means that they’re being paid just to create havoc and rape and fuck litle girls and break Christians fingers really as the US want to preserve ISIS anyway .

        1. That’s some post Haddy! You get hysterical when proven wrong! Do you get your info from David Icke?
          “US want to preserve ISIS anyway ” HAHAHAHAHAHA

          UP THE REBELS!

    1. You said: “Saudi Arabia offered $50,000 to any Syrian army members who would defect to the rebel cause by very few took up the offer” -NO MENTION OF THAT HERE. So you were talking crap again!

      1. Prof Tim Anderson’s Book ‘The Dirty War on Syria ‘ states that Saudi and Qatar offered $50,000 a piece to SAA army defectors …Jay Thrapell reiterates the point on his article on ‘ The Wall Will Fall ‘ blog online . But to you those exhaustive academic researchers re of course nothing but deluded liars . So you wont believe a word they say . Which does rather begger whay I bother responding to you . I guess it’s just because I just hate you so much you brain dead war loving fascist cunt .

    2. To be fair NY Times does state that US were through Saudi financing training and weapons for the “embattled rebels in 2013”. I don’t think that’s any secret, particularly as they were for moderate rebels under attack from ISIS as well as the regime.

      Glad we can agree on the western media telling the truth.

      1. can you name me one or two of the ‘ moderate rebel ‘ groups please Jimmy > and what their poiltical aims are / were ? NAMES PLEASE AND SKETCH OUT THEIR SOCIAL AND POLITICAL VIEWS

        1. Although you won’t accept it, the rebel situation is a very complex one, with hundreds of factions, many fighting each other. The moderates are in decline because they have been preferentially bombed by Russia and Assad, in order to create their narrative of Assad v ISIS (whom they have hypocritically avoided bombing much of the time). As the west support has been limited, not being directly involved like Russia, the moderates are in an impossible position and are losing out to the Jihadis. But there are the Kurds Haddy! You hate them as well though!

          1. oh god last comment : here you go again ! You keep saying ; ‘ the west are not directly involved ‘ !!! Only last week Obama took all previous and vetting limits off provison of arms to ‘ ALL FOREIGN AND IRREGULAR REBELS FIGHTING AGAINST TERRORISM THAT THREATENS AMERICAS NATIONAL SECURITY IN SYRIA ‘ . You will read that in the way you want to . Most of us knows just what it means .

          2. I keep asking you to name me a curent ‘moderate ‘ group but you never answer me . Why should I hate Kurds – I hate Erdogan , he hates Kurds , if Erdogan hates Kurds I’m for them .

          3. name me a ‘ Moderate ‘ rebel Group who was in the field in July 2013 , two or more years prior to Russia entering directly then ? Go on – name one ?

      2. Sure but of course the problem is ‘ the regime ‘ have never attacked anyone . They are ‘ defenders ‘ protecting their nation against the sick subhuman rebel child rapists and headchoppers you fucking love so much you sick cunt

        1. “One Syrian defector told the United Nations fact finding mission early on in the peaceful protest phase of the revolution:

          “Our commanding officer told us there were armed conspirators and terrorists attacking civilians and burning Government buildings. We went into Telbisa on that day. We did not see any armed group. The protestors called for freedom. They carried olive branches and marched with children…We opened fire; I was there. We used machine guns and other weapons.”

          UP THE REBELS!

          1. huh ! Why the fuck should I believe a single word of this shit ! Read abou De’ara like I told you . Syrias War began with the murder Of seven members of Syrias Security Forces : Gadaffi’s’ arms were just ready and waiting to shipped over the border via Turkey . Om my two trips to Syria I saw a quite contented semi westernized nation with stylish young men and women, maybe 30 % of women wearimg the Hihab , openly gay men on the streets and an exciting religious and ethnic mix everywhere, great Museums , nightclubs, and cafes .Nowhere and I mean nowhere did I see ANY Men of fundamentalist Muslim appearance . People in the desert region weraing traditional Arab dress but that’s all James why can’t you accept the people of Syria DO NOT WNAT A FUNDAMENTALIST SHARIA SUNNI STATE .

  26. Neither do I or (surely) anyone in the west. But it’s Assad’s brutality towards his people which has played, and is playing, into the hands of the Jihadis.

    1. ‘ Sureley ‘ ? Well Kerry was saying that was Syria’s destiny just less than a year ago , and the New York Times was talking up the Saudi Sheikh Nusryaha – leader of Ahrah al Sham as the quote ‘ Natural leader of the Syrian people ” !! Since then Nusrayah has been outed as a child suicide bomb trainer , leader of multiple executions and genralyl not very nice man . Last month Kerry ordered all Al Sharar’s leaders to be killed (if possible ) and froze their bank accounts .

    2. Haddy, As you well know I started adding “UP THE REBELS” to my posts AFTER your abuse about my “Irish Catholic shitty rebel allegiances” and calling me a “thick Irish cunt”.
      You started the a “comic” stuff with your vile abuse throughout your posts. My response was mild and even humourous by comparison.
      You’re a hypocrite (and in a bad mood again)

    1. I spent two 11 day Holidays in Syria in 2003 and 2005 . It was a semi westernized second world nation . Lots of working gay men do things like thay do here , Waiters and Barmen , Hairdressers ….Bookshop assisatns . Why , what do you think Syria was like then ? People who’ve never actaually been there assume it was an Islamofascist theocracy > NOOO thats what the US want to turn it into

  27. “wealthy residents of Aleppo, BELONGING TO ALL RELIGIOUS SECTS, rejoice over having been rid of the “scum” — meaning the poor classes who populated Eastern Aleppo — is not surprising at all. We are accustomed to it: the arrogance of dominant classes is universal.

    That Shiite mullahs stuck in another era celebrate the event as a great victory of the true believers over Umayyad disbelievers, or proclaim that Aleppo has been Shiite in the past and will turn Shiite again, can also be understood if one is familiar with their doctrine, as delirious as that of their Sunni counterparts.”

    “More than 250,000 inhabitants were forced to flee their own city to escape massacres, as had the people of Zabadani and Daraya before them, and as will many more Syrians if systematic social and sectarian ‘cleansing’ continues in their country under the cover of a massive media disinformation campaign.”
    By Farouk Mardam-Bey, Syrian historian, author and editor

    1. James Maguire, I really don’t know what you are trying to do. Are you a protagonist of the militant Al Qaida? And the “moderate” rebels. It is really not difficult to understand. The “moderate” rebels are still far more worse than Assad. We are friends with Erdogan and Saoudi Arabie… really I don’t know what you want to prove…..

      1. Wendy – James Maguire is not only a thick ‘ Oirish ‘ fascist wnaker and braindead asshole but also blatantly sexist . He wont engage with your comment because you’re a woman so dont take him or should I say ‘ it ‘ as he’s only partly human , to heart !

    2. can you explain to me what you personally understand by ‘ Umayyad ‘ disbelievers ? . I’ve read a of bit Farouk Mardam -Beys stuff . Sorry Jim not my cup of tea . Yours maybe . Just not for me ! Why for starters does he equate Syrias fairly low key Shiite outlook with that of the barmy Iranian Mullah’s ? The Alawite stran within Islam was only actually even recognized as being a part of Islam a AT ALL as recently as 1973 . Iran and Syria have a relationship definde more by the formers infrastructre investment in the latter than in seeing eye to eye on religious issues . And of course Assad’s govt continues to allow the Iranian funded Hezbollah ( who being rebels you really should quite like ) to hang out in Syria as theres not really enough room for them in Lebanon . They’re in all truth not much more than an existential threat to Israel but that fear has played a part in US funding for this war as can be seen from the many American Jewish voices who misguidedley support their countries obscene rape of this beautiful and historic nation .. Look I’ve abused you lot and you proably mean well , and my anger derives partly from the fact my father’ s just had a stroke but I’ve taken an interest in the History and Culture of the Middle East for over 20 years but Syrias social and political problems no way justified an nigtmare like that which Obame and Prince Bandar have rained down upon it . It’s human rights issues were in truth no worse than those in Turkey , Bahrain , let alone Saudi Arabia or China or North Korea ! So why is there not clamour for regime change in those countries . ? Actaulyl if someone wanted to fuck over Saudi Arabia the way they’ve fucked over Syria – best of luck to them . Thats my kind of rebellion .Against actual fascists

      1. The Zabadani affair seems EXTREMELY COMPLICATED ..more about stopping the war spilling over into Lebanon than a mainstream part of the bigger war . Exacty what Russia says – they are not averse to a Post Assad future at some point . Neither is Assad averse to a post Assad future – ‘ at some point ‘ . They want to stop the collapse of the Syrian State and prevent the spread of chaos into Lebanon and Jordan . And above all they dont want a Mad Max like warring fundamentalist Sunni Nightmare on the southern flank of thier national territory . Chechyna is enough of a problem for them as it is .

  28. according to most non mainstream media the population of East Aleppo are reporting that thay were kept imprisoned in their homes and there was considerable sexual abuse of young girls . And as you know civilians who tried to evacaute through the humanitarian corridors in November were shot up by rebels . Your problem Jimbo is that you think this is remotley comparable to N Ireland – that was a Civil war and even us Brits who were horrified at the bombing at the time can understand the rage of the Catholics retrospectivley . Syrias’ ‘uprising ‘s uch as it was was firstly much smaller than the media made it out to be and was more a part of the ‘official ‘ Syrian oppoistions regular protests aginst cronyism and corruption that frequently took place in Syria anyway . Yes they were ‘ joke ‘ demonstrations really as little came of them but such things are a part of functioning autocracies . Syrias War has taken place because oft it’s ties with Iran and Russia and refusal to kow tow to Imperalist demands to settle into the US and Nato’s vision of a New Middle East . Even the so called Syrian Observatory for Human Ruigts – that biased Anti Assad guy in Coventry admits over 360,000 rebels have been from other countries . For Gods sake even Croation mercenaries have been involved and Saudi Prisoners on Death Row : apparently pardoned if they fight against Assad , their familes promised lifetime stipends !

    1. “according to most non mainstream media”- Yeah the Putin sponsored pseudo “alternative” media -conspiracy theorists and Post-Truth Assad/Putin apologists and (probably) David Icke.

      Btw thel argest number of FOREIGN MERCENARIES in Syra are the SHIA MILITIA, who are fighting for Assad and massacring Sunni civilians.

      1. stories about Rebel slaughter of Prisoners of War and Civilians continue to pour out each day Jimmy .. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that 6,000 to 7,000 Civilains also killed by Turlkish and US backed forces in last 26 months .

        1. The NATO/GCC ‘moderate rebels’ have held the people of east Aleppo hostage for the last 4 years. About 30,000 have been bussed out; that includes the wives and children (who no-doubt had to do as they were told). That’s an estimated 8,000 – 10,000 ‘moderate rebels.’ So just a few thousand held 250,000 hostage. Don’t forget that about 500,000 people from east Aleppo had escaped from the freedom-loving mercenaries to the west – only to suffer daily rocket bombardment from them – 11,000 were killed/incinerated. And now we can see the warehouses full of medications and food stockpiled by the ‘rebels.’ The people of east Aleppo were only allowed to buy these at inflated prices – leaving many to starve. Then there are the huge caches of arms that the ‘rebels’ had been provided with by NATO/GCC. No wonder the arab media shows celebrations on the streets of Aleppo.

        2. You idiot! You obviously can’t even read a report! It states “These raids have killed 6604”
          The others (5828) are “militants”… “overwhelming majority of them are ISLAMIC STATE MEMBERS”

          The same monitor said that RUSSIA had killed about 4000 CIVILIANS in Syria in one year (to September 2016). Of course the Assad regime ITSELF has killed many more: SOHC say they are responsible for 75% of all CIVILIAN deaths in Syria –more than 190,000 in 5 years!

          As you have, once again, demonstrated how unreliable your “information” is, I won’t pay any attention to your “stories” about what the rebels are supposed to have done. There are certainly plenty of stories emerging about slaughter of innocent civilians by regime forces and, particularly, by their Shia-militia allies.

          I don’t wish to communicate with a racist moron like you, but I can’t resist drawing attention to you making a fool of yourself.

  29. James I ‘m adopting a new calmer tone with you because frankly I feel sorry for you and your romantic love of ‘ rebellion ‘ . Look there are ‘ several thousand ‘ Hezbollah fighters in Syria ( over 1500 killed ) according to Wikipedia but that number is dwarfed by the Jihadis from over 80 different countries still holding out against Assad . The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights ( yes him again – that Anit Assad guy on your side and hardly biased ) reported openly that 57 % of dead combatants in East Aleppo – killed , have been Non Syrian . This is an International War after all – Saudi Arabia threw open an invitation to anyone in the Muslim World who would come and fight ! . Its just the defenders have far fewer nationalities supporting them than the invaders .

  30. a US General actually told Robert Fisk he feared the assault on Mosul would prevent Isis moving into Northern Syria . check .The Independent online . Little pushback against Isis was achieved until Russia entered the field last year and it has been conveniently forgotten quickly that without their entry Isis would have overrun Danscus > Would you have wanted that ? Who else could have prevented them ?

  31. Sunni’s making up 70% of the population, making up over 70% of the syrian army, most pilots, most powerful families in syria.. 3 of the richest including assad’s wife are sunni.. In fact all of the top positions like the intelligence directive are held by sunni’s. And they are oppressed? You sure go too far to make it all seem plausible over overwhelming evidence to contrary to what you say. 100,000 sunni’s decide to go to the government side while only 15000 went to the rebel side in the last 2 months.. That should say it all.. And yes they were Sunni! Any christian or shia would have been tortured and killed long ago. The tiger force that led this attack including their syrian born Palestinian militia allies are all sunni’s. No foreigners on the part of the SAA took an active part in liberating their city especially since they were in an all sunni area.

    Oh did you see videos of women throwing rice at the soldiers… Or the smiles and giggles of the young women at their liberators.. It says a lot.. Unlike demented donald saying they will throw flowers at US invaders.. This was worth seeing.. and the SAA can be proud of their achievements because the sons who freed the city had their own families living under the terrorists, over 1000 of them. The Palestinians were all from the same city as well.

    1. Good post ..the West has a handful of long term overseas Syrian disapora residents who were teenage prisoners of Assad senior over 34 years ago who are produced on tap to declare to the world that Syria’s Sunni’s are ‘ oppressed ‘. The problem is that it’s really hard to say what form very much of this oppression takes . Most Alawites ( who are concentrated in the North West ) are poor rural farmers who expect little from life and get little . How can they be said to oppressing anyone ?

    2. More of your sickening propaganda. The ONLY pictures I saw were the edited (staged ?) ones from ASSAD’S STATE RUN TV!
      Shia-Militia from Iran and Lebanon played a major part in the taking of East Aleppo, and are reported to have murdered many civilians in their homes


  32. I re read the report . I dIdnt interpret it properly at all I admit and only referencd it because womoen tweeted it to me .I usually don’t reference the SOHR anyway . It’s pureley a report on DEATH FROM COALITON WARPLANES IN THE NORTH OF SYRIA OVER A 26 MONTH PERIOD UNTIL NOV 11TH 2016 .. Even so your numbesr are out .I t says 6455 people dead ,including 719 ‘ Syrian persons’ ! and 5506 members of Daesh ( mostly foreign ) . I keep telling you Jimmy boy – prior to the the Aleppo offensive 65,000 Civilians in total had been killed in the Syrian War in all it’s five and a half years . This is the figure accepted by The Pentagon and The UN . By far the lergest number of dead are The SAA , 150,000 plus – then The Rebels 125,000 plus .It’s just our media continously reports ‘ ALL DEATHS IN THE SYRIAN WAR AS ‘ASSAD’S OWN PEOPLE ‘ !!!


  34. “GLOBALRESEARCH.ORG”!!!!!! -BALANCED VIEW!!!! hahahaha!
    This is a well known, Russian controlled, lies and conspiracy theory site, with the same “credibility” as David Icke’s!

    That shows that you are quite simply a moron in every sense of the word.
    BTW, why do you call yourself “amin”? Are you trying to get confused with Admin, in order to give pretend you have importance on this site which for your brain leaves you badly unqualified.



  35. Global Research CA is respected by Universities and Educational facilites worldwide …. and a twat like you tries to paint it as a propoganda and fake news outlet . What a total fucking loser . Anyone who regards that joke ‘Trotskyite ‘ cunt Louis Proyect as a serious commentator needs euthanasing . Dont wory amin , Jimmy here is an ‘Oirish ‘ gun lover and goes to sleep dreaming of flying blood and guts and heavy duty weaponry becuase his relationship with his Mummy was underdeveloped as a kid .

  36. Robert –first of all I am NOT an American apologist! I hate murderers, war criminals, tyrants, liars etc. whether they are US, UK, Russian, Syran or whatever. I KNOW the west caused the mess in the Middle East, but that’s no excuse for the criminality and murders of Putin and Assad.
    YOU are the “ignorant gullible fool” for believing the lying, deflecting conspiracy theories placed out there by Putin-funded pseudo “alternative” media, and introducing some stupid ones of your own!
    Assad DID start his CIVIL WAR by attacking his own people when they engaged in peaceful civil rights protests. Please read my links on my previous posts! Meantime (in view of what you’ve posted) try this one (you won’t like what you read):

    1. There is a fundamental problem with the Independent article , Tim Anderson has investigated this and addresses it in his book . The 889 Syrians interviewed for this were almost entireley very young men ( average age 23) and all from the North East corner of Syria .The least patriotic and most revanchist area of the country , where nearly everyone is a lot more ‘ traditional ‘ and less internationalist than all of Syria’s other urban areas as well as being descendents of people who were desert nomads just 2 generations ago . Add to that the fairly rudimentary level of education for most young Syrian men aged 16 and above along with govt controlled University Education ; which creates an ‘ us and them ‘ mentality amongst the people away from the concentrated population areas – it’s not really surprising you get this skewed set of statistics . Incidentally the Independent online has and is changing it’s views on Syria quite substantially . I’m not sure that it would publish a set of graphs and commentaries like this quite so unquestiongly a year later and following the liberation of Aleppo and the comcomitant revelations about the terrorists not allowing any children to go to school for two years and so on . .

  37. James Maguire now refuses to answer me Robert : I have told him repeatedly that from the very start ( as reported by Israeli Media and widley acccessible online still ) the protestors ( beginning in Da’aara in March 2011) were infiltrated by snipers. At the very first one 7 police and members of the security forces were shot dead and in return 5 civilains were also killed in the melee. He has never answered this point .. and ther BBC gave a Syrian woman Doctor resident in Britain ( having put this very point to her at the start of the broadcast ) 15 minutes airtime last August to promulgate the view that protests were entireley peacful for six months at that start of the Syrian conflagration . The seditious and violent nature of the protests then continued much the same until Septemebr of that year. People in Deir El Ezzor reported sesimg men of extreme Muslim Fundamentalist appearance for the very first time that June , indicating very possibly foreign prescence at that quite early stage .

  38. Edward Laurance Your desperate attempts to try to find evidence that the US is training Jihadis are laughable! When you can’t find it you resort to changing the subject:- “training ‘moderate’ mercenaries, who of course become part of the violent extreme mercenaries carrying our atrocities”
    Of course lol! Pathetic!
    Your Washington Post link tells us nothing new. The US HAS been trying to help the Free Syrian Army (moderate rebels who have risen against the oppression of Assad) without getting directly involved like Russia and Iran. But NOT ONLY against Assad- the moderates are also fighting against ISIS.
    “In the past two years, the goal of the CIA’s mission in Syria has shifted from ousting Assad to countering the rise of extremist groups including al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS and ISIL.”-YOUR LINK! ((from 2015)
    Of course the Russians came in and bombed the moderates, mostly ignoring ISIS, which turned the war within the rebel groups in favour of the extremists. This is in line with the aim of Assad to portray the uprising of his oppressed people as a war between Assad and west-backed Jihadis. Complete nonsense, but with their powerful Putin funded propaganda campaign, fools like you have fallen for it (even though you can’t find the evidence!)
    If you really want the truth, this link (not msm and critical of both sides) is an excellent analysis of this subject:

    Yes I know I already posted this, but clearly you, and others, haven’t read it.

    1. Hey Fuckbrain cuntwad : Loius Proyect is as much of total cunt as you are you mad Irish wanker . He’s a looney Trotskist for whom siding with US Imperialiam is fine becuse it’s taking an ‘anti Stalinist ‘ viewpoint on issues . Half of his’ facts’ are based on MSM lies as you well know . What fucking moderate rebels you cunt ??? There fucking are’nt any and have’nt ben since Nov 2011 .GIVE ME THE NAME OF ONE FUCKING GROUP OF MODERATE REBELS NOW IN THE FIELD OR REPRESENTED BY THE HNC ? I laugh whenever I hear ANY FUCKING REBELS ARE DEAD AND REJOICE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT MANY MORE WILL DIE YET !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

    1. Read the WIKIPEDIA entry on the Daraya Massacre – It just sounds like a fairly commonplace War event .Much confusion , atrocities committed on both sides and conflicting accounts flying around . Big deal . And not really that many dead if you compare the former Yugoslavia , Congo , or even the 2014 Israeli Assault on Gaza which slaughtered over 2500 Palestinians . And as for the tag ‘ Most Horrific Massacre in Modern Times ‘ – well yeah – if ‘ Modern Times ‘ starts at the beginning of 2012 I guess it probably is . Almost every year prior to that there were far far worse massacres taking place in other countries since the beginning of the century . Many of which bareley registered on Western consciousness .

  39. Oh please James, have you not learned yet? The article you are linking here has been produced by the Syrian Network for Human Rights – wow, what a sounding name eh? It’s a 1 man operation in the UK, who has connections to selected terrorists on the ground in Syria, who’s only function was to send out Wahhabi Salafist (FSA) propaganda to the world via the MSM that everybody so nicely believed, because who would doubt? Was there any reliable source on the ground? All those video links you can find there proof NOTHING. Not a dot. zilch. It shows wounded people yes, that’s all they proof. Not who shot first, who was armed first and why there were armed protesters / what their real agenda was. For this you need to look a bit further. If Assad was such a butcher as he is being portrayed, why did he let those Wahhabi Salafists leave Eastern Aleppo? How much sense does it make to “butcher your own people” but a few years later be the nice guy and let your worst enemies go to Idlib? Al Jazeera, initially the main distributor of those videos, is Qatars propaganda channel, the very country that got really upset that Assad’s government decided not to let them build their pipline (
    Have you actually ever been to Syria? I have been there for together appr. 5 years. I know a few local people and they all agree on one thing despite coming from different ethnicities: The protests were staged and it was the Salafist terrorists (FSA) who massacred them. We really don’t need someone who repeats the fake mainstream media news to us, we have been fed it ourselves.

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