Reds Beat Nazis in Liverpool Return Match

L17By Red Road

It seems that most people learn from their mistakes, especially when it comes with a good slap, but it seems National Action and the North West Infidels are not among them. Perhaps it is even a form of masochism whereby they keep returning to the same place they always get humiliated and often beaten, that place being Liverpool. First they tried to have a second White Man March in the city but ended up getting corralled on Lime Street train station concourse (Famously ending up hiding in lost luggage) and having the shit kicked out of them and their followers in and around the station. Eventually they had to cancel their own march because they got scared, understandable really, I would have been if I were in their shoes. An angry Scouser/Merseysider is a force to be reckoned with. Then they tried to return, 2-3 times (Each time bottling it and getting off the train before reaching Liverpool) before needing to sneak into Liverpool in the rain on a dead weekend. No one noticed that they had even been there until a week later when they told people they had been.

L21On the latest occasion the National Action and North West Infidels sad acts chose to rear their heads above the sewer parapet in Manchester on the 27th February 2016 (Saturday). They were to attend a demo called by an ultra-right Polish “hooligan” group (More on them later). However on the 26th February (Friday), less than 24 hours before the demo was due to take place in Manchester, they changed the venue to Liverpool. They thought that they had outsmarted anti-fascists by claiming that the change of location was intentional all along. Needless to say that was lies. With less than 24 hours to go and to rearrange things, we set about making plans to get to Liverpool. Despite Merseyside’s track record a couple of us were honestly cynical about being able to pull off a win given such short notice. Nonetheless we set off for Liverpool willing to throw our lot in with whatever was planned that day.

We arrived and there was a decent sized crowd with us at Lime Street railL6 station.  After a little bit of waiting around about 60 of us set off for The Crown Hotel immediately across the road at the side of the station. This is where the fascists were meeting up so we decided to blockade the pub at both entrances. Straight away people noticed the Nazis who were giving it the big ‘un from inside of a pub with a line of riot police in front of it. The SS would be proud of these fearless Aryan warriors. Plenty of standing around, jeering back and forth between ourselves and the fascists. By this point the fascists inside of The Crown Hotel knew their day had gone to pot and were becoming increasingly agitated. Proudly displaying their Kev Watmough Inc. made Combat 18 flags through the window (Upside down), they truly looked the shower of shit that they are. The police now pull their vans across the front entrance of the pub and it becomes clear that they are about to escort the fascists away. We are now spread across the entrance and the side of the pub and have spilled out onto the road.

L22Next thing a Nazi arrives at the side entrance of the pub and upon realising it was blocked stupidly ran around to the front of the pub not realising it too was blocked. Before he could get around behind the police vans a Liverpool casual floored him with a swift elbow to the face. First Aryan warrior of the day martyred to Valhalla. The police eventually brought the Nazis out of the pub, heavily escorted by police complete with horses and Matrix vans. They started to get pelted with various food stuffs and water. They were not best pleased.

By now we had formed a human barricade delaying and at times immobilisingL8 the fascists’ escort. Police with shields and riot horses could not stop us, we were going nowhere and neither were the fascists and police. We then realised that the main body of fascists were already at St. George’s Square next to Lime Street Station. By now our numbers had swelled so we then took the decision for half of us to stay and continue delaying the escort and the other half to hot foot it up the road to St. George’s Square. About half way up a few of us noticed 3 Polish ultra-right “hooligans” sitting by the side of the road trying to look inconspicuous (Top tip lads, next time if you want to keep under the radar, do not wear Polish ultra-right clothing, a bit of a give away). I stare them and they stare back before we verbally confront them.

L5One of them is speaking on his phone when an anti-fascist comes along and pushes him off the metal railing he was sitting on before throwing punches into him. As soon as he is pushed his two mates run off into the road only to be floored by a highly agile anti-fascist who got one in a headlock, dragged him to the floor and punched him and brought the other one down with a scissor kick. As one tried to get back up I battered him over the head with a full Pepsi can in a bag (Could hear the contact made with his cranium, ouch!). By this time the Nazi who was on his phone was stumbling across the road before the 3 of them stumbled their way backwards towards police lines (After the police had saved them by getting between us) holding their heads and ribs. The police then placed the three battered Polish ultra-right “hooligans” into the blockaded escort. Try some different clothes next time lads, it could save you a headache! Also worthy of note was that Wayne Jarvie (Real name Wayne Bell) of National Action shame got beaten in St. George’s Square whilst the fight with the Polish ultra-rightists was going on.

We then made our way to St. George’s Square steps where the fascists heldL12 their ‘rally’. The usual suspects were there, faces from North West Infidels, National Action, English Defence League (In the form of Mr. Roid Rage, who has a non-white partner and who was also present on the demo) and unaligned social rejects. The police quickly formed a cordon around them. To cut a long story shorter, there was a Hell of a lot of standing around, throwing stuff at them and shouting back and forth whilst our crowd swelled. Pushing and shoving began between us and the police in our attempt to get at the fascists but their bodyguards done what they do best and kept them safe. Once the riot police arrived a few of National Action were so relieved they began clapping and cheering their arrival. It carried on like this for a while when to the right of the square came two dozen or so ultra-right Polish “hooligans”.

L16The “hooligans” began by letting off a flashbang and smoke bombs but quickly got scared when they realised the large numbers on our side and also the anti-fascists advancing towards them. They began running along the side of St. George’s Hall and through to the riot police and behind their lines. Very valiant! As I advanced towards them as they were running to safety I picked up a traffic cone and went to throw it at the “hooligans” before a copper came rushing towards me swinging his baton at my face. Rather than taking a metal baton to the face I dropped the cone and made my way back to the main body of the crowd. By now there is a stalemate with the customary throwing of missiles and insults. We advance up the steps of St. George’s Hall in an attempt to get at the fascists but to no avail.

A crew from Toxteth (Who also came out to oppose the White Man March) turn up and are ready to get stuck into the fascists. They make kamikaze assaults at the police lines in an attempt to reach the fascists and have a go at some shot put with whatever they could find. Various objects including smoke bombs and flares are being thrown backwards and forwards between the two sides. By now paving bricks are being ripped up out of the ground and being thrown with one landing square on the head of a fascist. He buckled to his knees.

Eventually the police begin trying to move the fascists out to the left of St.L15 George’s Hall but a human blockade stopped them in their tracks. Most of National Action, including their leadership, were now far from their previous cocky selves and hiding at the back of the crowd under the safety of cover. After 45-60 minutes of blockading the fascist escort the police had no choice but to bring in the horses and dogs and force a way down the steps and through the crowd. Anti-fascists try to get closer to throw punches but when the fascists have an entire public order unit protecting them, there are no chances of getting close enough. The crowd pretty much has the escort surrounded and are being pelted with missiles. In a panic and to escape the missiles, two fascists manage to break through the police escort and try to run away to safety. That failed as we ran after them and gave them a good kicking. One was kicked to the floor and the other (A Polish ultra-right “hooligan”) had his head smashed into a wall and got cornered and had the shit kicked out of him. He was pleading for the anti-fascists to stop but the police came to rescue him anyway. Blood was coming from his eye socket and was pulled by the police back into the escort. The other fascist lay on the floor. Another fascist earlier had to be tended by a paramedic, another needed to be tended to by a police medic and another’s head was bleeding.

The fascist escort eventually got through the crowd due to a channel being cleared by police horses and riot police. I tried to get at a fascist in the escort but took a hit in the face from a police riot shield.

The fascists, like the ones who were in The Crown Hotel pub, were then escorted around to the back of Lime Street rail station and sent packing on trains (Where a concerned passenger waiting for their train threw a bottle at them).

L1As is customary with deluded fascist dickheads, they have claimed the day as a victory despite all evidence to the contrary. Well lads, if getting battered, not being able to move for hours and needing an entire police public order unit to protect you then congratulations, we concede defeat. We give up, we have been crushed under your mighty boot. Jokers! But then again it does not matter what they think in this regard because we and anyone watching know different. The one and only injury they are beaming with joy about was a gash on a 21 year old woman’s head. She was not taking part in the protests, she was a shopper so well done lads, truly brave and victorious. The much vaunted Polish ultra-right were shown to be exactly what they are, a bunch of clowns running scared like whipped dogs. As for the rest of the far-right that day, they have shown that they could not punch the skin off a custard. Militant anti-fascism is back on the map and the fascists have awoken a sleeping beast.