Opposing the criminalisation of Irish republicans is a principle not an option…



TAL Fanzine opposes the criminalisation of republicanism by the British state…

The above statement means that we oppose every detention on trumped up charges, without question or favour. It doesn’t matter what you think of Sinn Fein’s attitude to other arrests and campaigns, the correct republican position is to show solidarity with all of those criminalised by the PSNI, including Gerry Adams.

In the last 24 hours the discussion around the arrest of Mr Adams has demonstrated that political sectarianism affects republicanism every bit as much as it does the left… There is no way forward without unity around basic principles such as criminalisation.

Sinn Fein must also accept that there are republicans who disagree with them for principled political reasons. They are not all militarists and they should not be dismissed as such. I believe that republican solidarity is a two-way street and that Sinn Fein can also play a positive role in its development. We have to start somewhere and the bottom line is that republicans must unite in opposition to the state’s policy of criminalisation.

We fully endorse the following statement by Jim Slaven of the James Connolly Society:

“Republicans must oppose political policing and we must oppose it irrespective of which individuals, parties or communities it’s directed against. Political policing does not occur in a vacuum. It is part of the UK state’s ideological war against republicanism. The state does not just want to jail some individuals, or damage some political parties. The state wants to destroy republicanism as a revolutionary vehicle capable of challenging state power.

“Of course this is why republicans (and working class people generally) do not endorse policing or other repressive state apparatus. It is also why we must be principled and consistent. Gerry Adams, like Ivor Bell and other political prisoners should be released. Any talk of ‘truth processes’ should be put on hold until the Irish people are in control of their own destiny without outside interference or impediment. All Ireland referendum now!”

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